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Toyota Supra Turbo 7M-GTE with R154 5-speed
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Currently, the lower hardpipe will not fit with the turbo clocked as it is. With the OEM tie-down plate removed it can be fitted.

With that plate bolted to the frame rail, the hardpipe won’t fit. With the turbo clocked properly, I’m sure it will fit; but there’s another issue with the hitch pins holding the towbar mount.

As it is, is not acceptable. Both towbar and hardpipe must fit - together. While I’m up in there, a bracket must be fabricated for the wastegate actuator.

A final twist is that the engine undercover must also fit. Oh, for a larger garage :)
Haven’t done much of anything lately. I still monitor the security cameras 24/7, which isn’t really necessary with the car inside. It does let me see what crime there might be; but largely, scaring away the homeless that come to huddle in the corner shadows.

I occasionally turn on the camera inside the garage, too. Not that anyone is there; but I keep a Windows 11 laptop and a bunch of Raspberry PIs operational.

I woke up with kidney-like pains the day before I started painting the house. Oddly, later that day, I fell off the ladder. Really, I stepped off one step too early. It would be hard two months later, not blaming the fall for continued pain, except I so carefully noted it not being caused by the fall.

I’m currently treating it with exercises recommended for the sciatica nerve.

Since late last year, we’ve been planning to add solar panels. Various levels of the process are in the works. In the meantime, my son had decided we need a garage and my Supra should come home. That will provide some assurance that a low-balling thief won’t get to steal it on my death :)

It is questionable how much I will get done between now and the end of summer. The machine shop access and the CNC machines are still available; time and energy, not so much.

Getting the car to the new garage means refitting the tow bar and bracket. Hopefully I will get the turbo clocked properly and fix that lower hardpipe.

It is set to be quite an exciting year, and the Supra remains :)
141 - 141 of 141 Posts
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