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SilentNIghtX said:
Ahhh Pooshda's old turd :)
I hope you mean that in the nicest way. :rolleyes:

I’ve put a lot of time and money into this car to make it right. And the proof is in the pudding, I drove the car to Vegas and back for goodness sakes. :p

Xhmong_snomanx said:
dang, were losing another Supra from lansing. good luck with the sale though wolff.

Have no fear David, I’ll get one to replace her. And I’ll be driving her until I sell it so we should still go out some time this spring.

PhlypSide said:

I'm sorry to see her go man! I hope you're getting another Supra to replace her

Good luck with the sale.

It's ok man, I'm only selling so I can get a 6 speed. I love the car, but for me having an auto Supra is too much like my SC, but faster. ;)

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He doesnt mean anything wrong from that Wolf... He's one of my good friends, he called both of my Supras turds lol, Im glad to see you got her in great shape... I wanted to do the work to the car myself but had to sell it since I wouldnt be around to pay for it :eek:

Did you ever try contacting me after the purchase? since I was gone for 9 months im curious if you did.. Im sure a lot of people think I was blowing them off when they tried to get a hold of me over that period of time!

Good luck with the sale and I hope you find that 6speed your after :cool:
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