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This is my Supra. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

The objective was to build a Supra for daily driving and road racing, starting from stock, doing all the research and almost all of the work myself, on a budget, within a time frame, without the sponsorship of a shop... Not too far out of the ordinary, except I began this project with zero previous interest, experience or knowledge of Supras/2JZGTE/forced induction. Guess I'm a masochist.

In its infancy, the build plan was modest but it quickly escalated thanks to my love for overkill. The result was two years of ownership without ever being able to drive it, and many hellish months working on this car... learned everything the hard way from square one... made lots of mistakes and wasted time and money... got burned, bloodied, bruised, and grew to pretty much hate her.

I decided to get it running and actually drive it prior to initiating the final phase of the build... She isn't complete, but she is alive.

☆ Pixxx ☆

I didn't do the best job taking progress pics bc I was usually alone and covered in grease.

Before. D- or F.

I didn't buy the car in this condition, it was purchased by someone I know, but I followed the progress closely. Then I bought it from him shortly after it started to look a little less like ass.

VeilSide hood looked great... in the garbage pile.

The previous owner had the car painted. I would have done paint last.

Engine before... very stock-like.

☆ ★ ☆

This is pretty much the point when I purchased the car, I drove it twice (for a total of less than 10 miles) then tore it apart... stock TT was mildly entertaining but not enough.

☆ ★ ☆

At home... my three f-bods + Supra = combo breaker.

This looks like a serial killer's wall. My geeky notes and diagrams got way worse than this before it got better.

And this looks like a hoarder's garage.

Just one of countless orders from Summit... spend over 1k and get a free hat I guess.

Sweet cams.


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These were all refinished to match the color scheme.

My lil GT4202R.

I was supposed to leave it like this, mostly stock... that lasted five miles.

Then it was time to upgrade.


6" for the intake pipe. Polishing it was not very fun.

I tried out 5 exhaust manifolds. FR wins.


Hello pretty... and hello Defi...

Goodbye Defi... Custom trimming/fitting the dash panel for the AiM dash took forever. I ingested a lot carbon fiber dust, it was kind of hard to breathe for a few days.


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Fuel was another thing I was supposed to leave stock for now. But the stock lines are painfully small.

Not a fan of cramming 9 little pumps onto the stock hanger. Zero is better.

I made my fuel system from scratch and designed it to handle E85.

RMR -10AN rail with ID2000s.

I suck at electrical.

Weldon 2345a.

Weldon's third world country explosive device.

I made an oil cooler system (with thermostat and remote filter).

Saikou Michi OCC to complete my homemade oil catch can setup.


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Pretty much everything is now stainless braided (fuel, oil, occ, wastegates, vac lines). I guess I like expensive fittings and metal splinters.

Seibon cf hood.

Had the hood painted but left some cf. The wiper cowl thing is new too.

6" Diameter AEROLITE custom creation, with accommodations for a -12AN bulkhead fitting.

I had these SEIBON door panels, a cf center console and cf door sills... but I am having new carbon fiber interior made for me by Kyle @ AEROLITE and it will be better.

Kyle is on supraforums... hit him up if you want your car to be light and tight.

Aerocatch locking latches... it was sketchy cutting these giant holes in the brand new cf hood...

Everything turned out fine.

Titek spark plug cover.



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A clamshell clamp that is sturdier and less purple than Wiggins.

I dislike doing electrical, GRIP had to redo some of my hack job wiring.

Simpson Platinum 5 pt camlock and Sparco harness bar. Also in this pic, my homemade 'rear seat delete.'

Dash/steering wheel before.


Epoxied these calipers even though I see Stoptech in my future.


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Puss Hawk pads for the street for now bc I'm lazy about cleaning. I have Carbotech on one of my other cars and will go with them again when I upgrade. Might as well just buy black wheels at that point too.

Got rid of my set of 315 R Comps and 335 Pilot Sports for Trans Am to make room for Supra tires. It's dumb that the TA has had wider tires... Supra needs to step up its game.

I ripped out all stereo for weight reduction, but navi looked good in the hole so I made brackets and installed front speakers. The printout was not to scale.

The Soundbird.

The grumpy snail.

Towing her away with my LC.

☆ ★ ☆

Car was a bit dusty here... she was about to be loaded on a trailer so I didn't want to waste too much time cleaning her.

☆ ★ ☆


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Thanks James aka fleishelja ( for taking these pics:

☆ Specs ☆

There's still lots more I'll be doing... but here is where she's at for now:

*List does not include a bunch of new Toyota OEM parts that were too boring to list... but I guess another aspect of this project was restoration, since any parts that were broken/ugly/missing were replaced.

Carillo H-beam rods
Carr Bolts
CP Pistons
.180 wall wrist pins
ARP L19 head studs
Ferrea Valves
Ferrea Valve springs
Ferrea Titanium retainers
HKS 272 Cams
HKS Kevlar timing belt
AEM Chrome adjustable cam gears
TMS Billet tensioner
ATI Crank pulley
Welded trigger wheel
EGR block off plates
SP Chrome race intake manifold
Wilson 90mm throttle body with custom billet wheel
Accufab 4" clamshell clamp assembly
Twins Turbo Thermostat housing rotating kit
SP Polished water neck
Saikou Michi custom oil catch can
Modified chrome valve covers with -12AN fittings to braided stainless lines

Garrett GT4788R dual ball bearing turbo
Garrett turbo blanket
FULL RACE T6 Twin Scroll ceramic coated exhaust manifold
FULL RACE 5" ceramic coated downpipe
FULL RACE 5" midpipe
Dual Tial 44mm wastegates
All stainless braided vacuum lines with AN fittings
FULL RACE vacuum box
Forced Performance 10 micron pre-filter
Boost Logic oil feed and return lines
Tial 50mm BOV
6” Carbon fiber Aerolite intake pipe with -12AN fitting
6" AEM Dryflow Filter
DEI Titanium heat wrap

AiM MXL Digital dash
FJO Wideband
FJO A/F ratio gauge
Fields harness
AEM 5 BAR MAP sensor
AEM IAT sensor
AEM oil pressure sensor
AEM oil temp sensor
AEM fuel pressure sensor
AEM boost solenoid
Hurst line lock
Braille carbon fiber ‘no weight’ battery
Braille aluminum battery mount
Painless Performance Cirkit boss auxiliary fuse block
Kenwood DNX NAV/CD/DVD/iPod head unit
Polk Audio 6.5” speakers with Soundbird speaker brackets

Injector Dynamics ID2000 fuel injectors
Weldon 2345A fuel pump
Weldon FPR with gauge
Weldon Dial-A-Flow
Weldon street/kill mode switch and dial
Weldon 100 micron stainless steel filter
Fuelab 40 micron stainless steel filter
Magnafuel Y block -12 to dual -10
Ross Machine Racing -10 dual feed fuel rail
Stainless braided lines size -12, -10 & -8

Polished Cusco shock tower brace
Stoptech stainless brake lines
Custom stainless braided ABS brake lines
Hawk HPS pads
Slotted rotors
98 OEM brake master cylinder
Cooling ducts/hose
Motul RBF 600
Megan Racing coilovers (temporary)

FULL RACE 5” midpipe
Custom 5” to 4” adaptor
HKS Stainless 4" cat-back system

Four row 5” front mount intercooler
Custom 4"/3.25" intercooler piping
Fluidyne polished aluminum radiator
Mishimoto 160-degree thermostat
13” Spal fan & 7.5” fan
Transmission cooler
Earl’s Performance billet oil thermostat block
Canton Racing rotating filter adaptor
Perma Cool remote oil filter mount
B&M polished aluminum stacked plate design oil cooler

ARP Extended wheel studs front and rear
Blitz 03 wheels quicksilver center and polished lip 18x9F & 18x10R
Michelin Pilot Sports

98 Quicksilver PPG Chromabase Paint
Seibon OEM carbon fiber hood
Aerocatch locking hood latches
Pasword JDM Aerocatch mounting plates
Carbon fiber Titek spark plug cover with chrome bolts
Carbon fiber Aerolite mid timing cover
Carbon fiber radiator cooling plate
Carbon fiber Titek fuse box cover
Carbon fiber Aerolite ABS relay box cover
Carbon fiber hood struts
Chrome radiator pipe
Polished compressor housing
Blitz polished aluminum oil cap with carbon fiber insert
Chrome power steering reservoir
Polished power steering reservoir and brake fluid caps
Polished SP water neck
ARP 12-point polished nuts
Black minitex powdercoated accessories and custom brackets
Silver powdercoated pulleys
Black silicone hoses and couplers with t-bolt clamps
98 Headlights
98 Taillights
98 Turn signals
HID 5000k headlights
Rear fenders widened
Rear side markers/antenna/rear wiper blade shaved
Silver epoxied calipers
Tinted windows and Air Blue ceramic tinted windshield

Sparco harness bar
Simpson Platinum series 5-point camlock harness
Custom carbon fiber dash panel for AiM MXL
Aerolite custom carbon fiber door panels (in production)
Aerolite custom carbon fiber center console lid (in production)
H3R Performance clean agent extinguisher
Custom fire extinguisher mounting bracket
Rear seat delete
Momo Millennium steering wheel with carbon fiber insert
NRG Short hub
NRG Quick release hub (black and carbon fiber)
Aerolite Carbon fiber upper and lower steering column covers
Sparco 2 button steering wheel insert
GoPro Video camera with harness bar mount
Valentine One hardwired
Carbon fiber shift knob
Carbon fiber switch panel
New leather seat covers
New OEM floor mats
Quicksilver dash
Weight reduction


Coilovers (Penske, Moton...)
Stoptech 6 piston/4 piston
Carbotech pads
Polyurathane bushings
Custom adjustable sway bars
Carbon fiber front lip
Carbon fiber aero components

OS Giken 1.5 way LSD
Tilton triple
Twins Turbo Tilton clutch master cylinder and bracket
AP Billet aluminum bushing kit
***I wanted to get everything together and leave the option to go with a TH400. But I decided to go with a V160 since I already currently own a car with a TH400. The worst part will be collecting all the pieces. As the step by step instructions for the actual swap make it look easier than assembling a sandwich at Subway.

Learn to weld so I can make 5" exhaust
Port the head
Custom air box - polished or carbon fiber
Status Racing seats - carbon fiber and custom quilted alacantra
ET Streets on beadlocked Weldstar wheels
Wider/lighter set of wheels with Michelin PSS
Redo black ceramic coating in silver ceramic coating/redo polished parts in chrome
More carbon fiber
Nitrous... why the hell not

☆ Acknowledgements ☆

Aside from the paint and the things mentioned below, everything was done by me in my garage. The car was not taken to a shop except at the very end to wrap up loose ends. My dad was helpful with some wiring of electronics, fabricating brackets, playing awful music, and generally making sure I didn't crush myself to death. But other than that it was just me. That being said, I don't know of anyone that has built their Supra with zero outside assistance, and that was not the case with me either, so thanks to:

Errol @ TPS for building me a solid motor that I trust will handle big power
Rob/Pete/Nate @ GRIP for welding, electrical fixes, generally cleaning up my mistakes, working magic on AEM/AiM dash, initial tune and start up support... GRIP was essential for the end game portion, couldn't have gotten her running without you guys, thank you for your attention to detail and persistence
Eric @ TWINS TURBO for the best tech advice and primo parts... I def owe you some drinks! Brace yourself for an increase in texts as the suspension phase begins... we are gonna make a hot setup
Kyle @ AEROLITE for amazing custom carbon fiber pieces
Curt @ ELMHURST for oem goodness delivered promptly
ALL MY BUDDIES for listening to my questions and for telling me that I would finish it and that it would be awesome (bc at times I doubted it)

☆ Conclusion ☆

I've been driving it around for a month now, but running super rich. She's well behaved on the street, and overall nicer than I expected. I keep encountering GTRs and they never want to play...

I'm getting a tune and switching to E85 this week.

This was my first attempt on a Supra, done mostly in my garage, with budget and time constraints. This project was a handful. Between research, sourcing of parts, purchasing, fabrication and actually working on the car it consumed all of my time for several months. I ended up looking like a crazed greasy hobo. My friends thought maybe I died or something. My f-bods were neglected: the ProCharger supercharger/intercooler/fuel/meth upgrade for the TA got scraped and project turbo for the 69 also went to the back-burner. But I had this coming when I decided not to buy a Supra that was already built, not to go BPU, and not to just dump it off at a shop with a pile of money. So I have no regrets, just a couple of new scars and a better understanding of the car.

I'm going to stockpile parts and resume progress in the winter. I'm really looking forward to doing trans/brakes/suspension/aero... bc the purpose of the car aside from being a daily driver, is to be competitive in road racing. I'll obviously ditch the large snail when I start to get more serious about track days (I'd like to do the Texas Mile or a Maxton event before downsizing) and then this turbo will likely find a mate and they will both go in my Camaro.

Thanks for checking out my build thread.


☆ ★ ☆




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do you have any more pics of your fuel pump setup and how you got it to work with stock fuel tank?

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Wow!!... I've said it once and I'll say it again. Sick build!! The car looks absolutely spectacular! I'm honestly speechless. Your attention to detail with the car to this point is phenomenal, don't change a thing (except what you've already got planned).

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