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A friend has decided to part with his H1, So im going to list this and see if anyone is interested.

2001 Chevy Suburban 2500,
8.1L 496ci motor.
4L80E trans.
Heavy duty towing (rated at 14,500)
115,XXX miles.

Black with Graphite interior, black plastic.

Dual captins chairs, front and rear heat & air.

It has been used so there are bents and scratches on it.. keep in mind its black and 8 years old...

In the last few months ive spent about $10K on it in "want to do" services and aftermarket parts.

So here we go:

All fluids changed:
Front & rear diffs, Gm oil's with lucus adatives,
Trans flushed, New filter, Gm oils, lucus adative.
Transfercase, flushed, Gm oil, lucus adative.
New fuel filter,
Motor flushed, regular castrol oil,
Flushed cooling system, Refilled with GM orange stuff that was crazy high.
New mass air flow sensor, $150
New throttle position sensor, $100
New Plugs, platinum boshe's $225
New Plug wires, JBA big wires, ( work with headers) $200
Dual electric fans. $500
JBA stainless mid length headers $1100
Labor on headers $1200
optional 3" mid pipes, ( mandural bends to clear big trans) $300
Gibson super sweep, cat back, $650
Volant cold air box $385
Volant Ram air scoup $200
2-3 inch leveling kit, $200
Black "police" wheels, $400
Pre wired for a Valentine 1.
Limo tined windows, $250
07 Truck tow mirrors, rewired to work with old electronics, $500
LED tail lights, $200
5 New BFG mud terrains, $1250
New Hi & low beam silverston platinum brights or something like that $125.00
New head light high voltage harness $ 65.00
New HI & LO transformer, ( makes both bulbs work at the same time) $65.00
Painted rubber flairs to match, $200
Removed faded trim pannel,
New Motor mounts. $600
New F&R pads and rotors, $900.

I also have a Intercooled whipple at the house that will be thrown in on the deal. It was $6800 new the whipple take a stock truck from 340hp/455tq to 500hp 790lbtq. With the parts mentioned above it should be 600/650hp and 900/950lbtq. Those are crank numbers. I'm waiting on aftermarket cam, spings and retainers. Even with all the parts it will not be FAST. The truck weighs 8,000 lbs. I know a guy with just the whipple on his and its in the 14's... But they pull a shit load of weight.

Pictures here:

Vid of the 14 second whippled only 2500 burb

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LOL... not to good. If you dont hammer it you can get about 12 -13 mpg in town.. we are in the mountains though so your really never not on the gas...

My fuel pump has been dying or the pressure regulator so the last few tanks its been getting 6 mpg. Its at the chevy dealer now. They are going to put in a new 255 walbro and see if that fixes the problem.

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thanks guys... Its just an all purpose suv, not perfect in any way.. has dents and scratches, dirty interior... it just one of those reliable vehicles you can own and not give a fuck about it. park where you want, go where you want.. tow what ever you want for the most part. GM rates this at 14,500 lb towing.

the blower isnt on yet, but it should be a blast for it weight. Right now with the headers, exhaust and computer work it runs good. I havent had it at the track but the wife and i have raced a few times. she has a 06 armada, ive taken it to the track and ran 15.9-16.1 ever pass.

From a light the armada pulls about 2 and half truck lengs on me, second stays the same and 3ed the suburban pulls back around the armada.. i guess its do the gearing in the trans.

as far as street racing im about dead even with a crew cab dmax short bed with one programmer is about even if they dont do the booster 4hi launch..

Few more picts.. ill get some motor shots incase you big block guys want to see it.

this is when i got it. i didnt mention it but the stock wheels and worn out michlens will come with it... unless you dont want the tires, i can always smoke them off in the name of video research lol..

black wheels and running boards, before the bfg mud tires and leveling kit.

Ram air scoup,

volant cold air box.

496ci motor...

Gibson super sweep going on.

Gibson tips.... they looked like shit so i took them off.

optional 3" mid pips off headers vs stock.

JBL header vs stock..

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Nice truck, I drove an 01 Silverado with the 8.1 for a few years. Poor gas mileage but sounded great and could take on about any job. The mileage is better than you'd expect out of such a huge motor. Good luck!
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