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hey guys, here is a lil something i wanted to do as i didnt want to spend 5k on a full produced kit. so i made my own. plus i ride this thing like i stole it so i dont want some pretty bling kit like they sell.i want more function over fashion.

stock raptor 700r atv
custom manifold with a stock volvo turbo with 10psi of boost
pcIII usb with hub and typhoon map sensor
no I/C yet
greedy bov

heres some pic of it so far.i need a intake pipe and a short exhuast and im done for now.
stock the quad has 42hp and most of these kits on a 100% stock quad produce 80-90hp and with a rod in it they make 110hp and better.

anyone else do anythinglike this? i have a few more questions.especially about oil feed and oile pressure.
heres some pics and vids for now.sounds like a helicopter on a sincle cyl

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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