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I was in a hurry to school yesturday and as I was about a mile away from my exit, i noticed in my rear view mirror one of the new 06 subaru's was pulling up really fast. So i sat their and figured its probably going to want a run and I was debating if I should or not. So as the car was getting closer I figure I'll just turn up the boost from 12psi to 15 psi just in case. As i turned up the boost, the subaru pulled up beside me. It was a blue 06 turbo wagon w/gold rims. Now i have seen this guy around and he also has a STI that runs in the 11's or 12's. I have talked to him before and this is his daily driver. He doesnt know that i have MKIV though. Anyways along with the story, he got beside me, no honks or any sign to go, i dropped it in 3rd from around 60mph i believe, and after i droped it, it was on. There was a little lag but when the 2nd turbo kicked in, I was gone. I wasnt paying attention to how fast we were going but i was probly near top of 4th then i let off and turned out on my exit.
Well this is a kill but I was expecting more. His subaru wagon is the turbo version and i think it should be stock, unless he's boosting more then stock psi. He also had a passenger and I had no passengers. Out of that run I probably pulled him by around 3-4 cars i think. Does that sound right? or do they make these in STI versions too?

His specs (off of autotrader):
Curb Weight: 3294 lbs
Horsepower: 230 hp @ 5600 rpm
Torque: 235 ft-lbs @ 3600 rpm

94 TT
HKS fmic
boosting 15psi(91 octane, there is noticable difference from 12psi to 15psi)
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