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07 Tundra 22" TRD wheels

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Part# PTR38-34070

Do these require a special install kit? Spline lugs and tool?

How much is shipping to a commercial address?
44268 Fremont Blvd.
Fremont, CA 94538


PTR11-34070 - TRD rear sway bar for 07 Tundra

Are these in stock?

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Ptr38-34070 Trd Wheel List 699.00 Cost 610.00 Ea Shipping 80.00
Ptr11-34070 Trd Sway Bar List 259.00 Cost 225.00 Shipping 10.00

The Wheels Comes With Ctr Caps And Lug Nuts
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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