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i have a 2jzgte sc300 5 spd with vpc, bcc, fcd, bov, down pipe, clutch, exhaust, hks smic. i have gone to the track and clock in a dissapointing 13.9 et @105mph @ 20psi. i would like to get my car down to the low 12 sec ets. can anyone suggest what parts to buy? ex. LSD (i have a open diff)...... i alreday have a fmic, boost cont. and cam gears ready to install.

I don't want an MK4!
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I ran a 13.8 last week in my MK3 which recently dynoed at 293 RWHP.

Here are mine for comparison.

60 ft 2.124
1/8 et 8.952
1/8 mph 80.35
1/4 et 13.833
1/4 mph 101.08

The big difference I see is our 1/8 times since I would have been well ahead there but you would have closed the gap by the end of the 1/4.

Did you have major traction issues in 1st and 2nd?

I was also at 12 psi by the way.

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