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1/4 mile increase

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what would increase my 1/4 mile more??
this is what i have so far
1)Greddy MX exhaust
2)K&N Filter
3)NGK Double platinum plugs
4)Clutchmasters stage III clutch
5)JUn lightwheight flywheel

what do u think my 1/4 should be at at this point?
and what would increase it the most that i should get next?
HKS ignition? spark wires? race cat? anyone please help
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with those modifications, im assuming that your quarter will not see a significant drop. maybe .2-.3 at best..and the times are dependent on driver skill and many other variables.. imo if you are looking for more power, do some more exhaust/intake mods. if you are looking only to drop ET's, the best investment would be in drag radials.

(torrance eh? are you planning to go to that LA meet on saturday? just wondering how many ppl are going, so i can decide)
Have you considered cam gears,or the A'pexi afc?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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