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1/4 mile times

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Hey, within the next few months I plan on buying a TT Supra :D . I was wondering how they do in 1/4 mile, stock, and with bpu. Any info is appreciated. Thanks.
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Look around, you'll see plenty of posts with this kind of information...

Mine saw high 13's at 102-105MPH when stock, mid/high 12's at 112+MPH with a downpipe at ~14PSI, and low 12's at 117+MPH at BPU (17+PSI). High 11's a couple times (and about eight 12.0 passes) at 119+MPH with a FMIC and cam gears (with problems, looking for 120+ this year). All on pump gas, runs when stock and with downpipe were made on crappy all-season tires, the later ones on drag radials.

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