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1/4 Times on stock auto TT's

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Wanted to know what people's times were in the 1/4 in a stock auto TT. thanks
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my bad i didnt know i put it in the wrong section. sorry
This will get wild, because people claim to run 11.5's, and some domestic guys will say high 13's, LOL.. Any way, In full street trim, spare, full tank, BPU, No power brake off the line, I ran as low as 12.8 to as high as 13.1 @ 113-115. So if I power braked, I assum I could get into mid 12's
12.8? That's pretty damn fast. I always thought stock TT's ran in the low-mid 13's....
No way a bone STOCK auto is running in the 12's. Try mid 13's.
Whoops! Sorry, I didn't read the STOCK part.
Bro when he says stock, that doesn't mean what you tell the other guy when he asks what is done to your car before you race for money.
XCELR8 said:
No way a bone STOCK auto is running in the 12's. Try mid 13's.
I'm pretty sure it's been done before...
stock meaning no pulld hoses nothing...fresh from the factory floor, it willl run mid to hi 13's all day will NEVER run a 12 sec qtr.

From what I have seen The Autos will usually run mid-high 13's. stock. no "free mods". my friend has one ran a [email protected] I think. But like i said I think mid 13's are doable.
My stock auto time is in the sig.
Six-n-twins said:
..........if I power braked..........
Man, power braking is SOOOO bad for your brakes. Get a line lock, they don't cost very much and you'll probably save on brake systems in the future.
How many RPMS are u guys lanching at ??????i got a 13.9 at 101 with bad 60 ft at 2.4 ?????anything seem wrong? i do have a 8 year old car
what is a line lock? and how it works? what are the costs? how did I install it?
The fastest I ran in my auto with the car stock is 13.66.

A line lock allows you to lock only the rear brakes which is useful for doing burn outs. Hurst makes line lock kits but you'll have to figure out how to hook it up on the supra. Cedric has one on his supra. Check out the price at summit racing.
My bad, meant the front brakes.
well i went back and did a 13.6 at 103 , alot better, but i ran a new vetter and got like a .506 reaction time on him, but ended up to be a [email protected] I did this on the suckest street tires kuhmos supras
When you guys say stock, do you also mean stock boost? I find it very hard to believe that a stock Supra will run in the 13's completely stock. The numbers just don't add up? I did a calculation using a stock Supra weight with a driver of 175lbs and these are the numbers I got. This is using a rwhp of 256hp Calculating a 20% drivetrain loss from 320 crank hp.

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man where did you dig this thread up from??
anyways, if a bone stock supra auto dynoed 256, then there would be a problem. all the auto supras seem to dyno around 270-285. anyways, on stock boost, my buddy's car ran consistent 13.4's-13.6 @ 104-106 mph. so believe it.
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