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Valve stem seals? I think they tend to go at around 120k.

It's not hard with the right tools (this is a must). There is a good article on, and a good thread on here describing how to do it. There're a few threads on the selection of tools that are out there, too. Just be careful, patient and thorough. If you're going to check valve clearance, which you probably ought to do, there're another few tools that could make the job easier for you though they are by no means necessary.

I did it with the motor on a (flimsy) stand, which i think actually made it harder-- on the first few cyls I had a hell of a time busting the keepers off cause the motor would move and vibrate and stuff.

If you got someone to do it, I'd expect them to charge you $600 labor? Just a guess

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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