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Custom Roketa GK-13. Powered by a Gen 5 Honda VFR800 engine. Engine has K&N filter, fresh fluids, and the valves were checked and adjusted prior to dropping it in the buggy. New primary and secondary drive chains. Retains reverse. Hand operated shifting and clutch. Aftermarket shocks with 9~10" of travel all around, and they're air shocks...100psi is very soft and sucks up rocks and curbs, 115psi is firm and grippy. Has a very large aluminum radiator and high CFM fan.

This is a 800lb machine with 105 horsepower and is very, very fast. It has "vision altering" acceleration. It was built to be run mostly on hard pack, gravel, and rough terrain...and, of course, mud, snow, and ice. I'm not sure how it would handle in sand but I've seen similar builds run in it just fine...if that's your goal I would approach it with caution until I was sure. The thing has climbed everything I've thrown it at. The only thing on the dash that's functional is the tach...the rest of the features got messed up by a little water I accidentally on purpose went through. Will likely need a new cluster to get full function back. Good tires but it's about time to pop them off and clean the beads.

It's not a beauty queen. Before I got it the thing spent a lot of time outside and the seats and frame are faded. It's a project I've been working on for a while and there's a lot of stuff still held up by zip ties instead of proper brackets. Some areas need cleaning up. It could use nicer seats. It could use paint. The battery sucks in the cold but has been through three summers...might be time to replace regardless. You can run it as is, or clean it up as much as you's at a point where you can soft-customize to your taste or just beat the snot out of it.

The LED's are not included.


Price is firm. I am not really interested in trades...already got my eyes on something. I don't have a lot of time for joyrides...I'll take you for a spin if you can show me the cash. Located in Lubbock.
It would be best to email me directly at [email protected] as I do not receive notifications from this forum for whatever reason.

More pictures here:
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