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12'Sub enclosures

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Can anyone post some pics of encloseres for a single 12 speaker? thanks

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Ive just completed enclosure for two Spl 12's
Made completely from mdf it sits down in spare wheel well.
Had to cut a hole in bottom where fuel pump hump resides and fold some mdf in a cirle to go around it , with another mdf cap on top.
Worked out well and my two amps are mounted either side.
Box raises floor height by 100mm so im making a mdf panel that neatly fits over the whole deal and extends right out around boot .
Ive been told this thing will make some serious bass being in a supra.
Will post pictures soon. :)
If you are looking for custom enclosures crutchfield will build anything you want if you give them the dimensions, plus Q logic makes one of the best boxes on the market (there jointed) btw hope you like the 2 spl i had a pair my self and loved them
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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