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*Registration is now open. Please register for any of the events you plan to attend, by going to the link listed below. This is necessary to provide a running head count of those in attendance and to improve the quality of your experience.*

OhioSupra's will be sponsoring the 12th Annual Toyota Sport and GT Car meet the first weekend of June. The permanent dates are May 31 to June 3rd, and the majority of events will be focused in the Dayton, Ohio area.

This event, while serving as the groups annual meet, is also focused on raising money for the Dayton Children's Hospital. All raffle proceeds will go towards the Hospital, and Awards will be available for the Dyno Session and Show and Shine.

The basic itinerary is as follows: (Updated 4/10/07)


- 5pm Kil Kare Test and Tune

- 9pm Dinner at Don Pablo's


- 10am Breakfast at Bob Evan's

- 11am-6pm Open Dyno/Tuning slots at Precision Autosports. All pre-registered cars can dyno up until the evening

- 6pm – 10pm Evening Dyno with baseline pulls by Higher HP cars.

- 10:30pm Group Dinner at Quaker Steak and Lube (Kitchen closes at 11:30-12am)
*Note – 3 pulls will be 60$/ 10 dollars to the charity.
* Tuning starts at $100


- 10am Q&A Rally to Englewood

- 12pm Englewood Dam/Reserve
< Show and Shine
< Raffle for Dayton’s Children Hospital
< Awards for Dyno and Show and Shine
< Cook out

- 5pm Cruise to Columbus

- 7pm Meet in Dave and Busters lot for dinner

- 9pm Cruise Columbus, meet up with local meet (Free time)


- 1pm Lebanon Backroading

- 5pm Cruise to Marks Ranch
< Bonfire
< GT4/Poker Tourney
< Cookout ($5)

Attendee's List

1)Steven L., 88t Mk3 (OH)
2)Joel D., 86t Mk2 (OH)
3)Ricky H., Cavalier (OH)
4)Matt C., 91 Eclipse (OH)
5)Brian, 93.5tt MkIV (KY)
6)Stew H., 91t Mk3 (OH)
7)Jim J., 92t Mk3 (OH)
8)Christian R., 89t Mk3 (OH)
9)Charles M., 87t Mk3 (OH)
10)Kyle H., 87t/89t Mk3 (OH)
11)Mark C., 85t Mk2 (OH)
12)Jon M., 86 Mk2 (OH)
13)Dale K., 90t Mk3 (OH)
14)Jeff L., 88t Mk3 (IN)
15)Alex L., 82t Mk2 (OH)
16)Zac C., 89t Mk3 (OH)
17)Steve N., 89t Mk3 (KY)
18)Norman H., 02 MR2 Spyder (TX)
19)Shane G., 02 MR2 Spyder (OH)
20)Jeremy H., 94tt MkIV (OH)
21)Jimmy L., 89t Mk3 (OH)
22)Alan J., 89t Mk3 (OH)
23)Howard W., 94tt Mob Killer (OH)
24)Dave B., 90t Mk3 (KY)
25)Chris R., 89t Mk3 (IN)
26)Richard S., 89t Mk3 (OH)
27)A.J. Logan, 89t Mk3 (IN)
28)Matt H., 82 Mk2 (IN)
29)Nick H., 91t Mk3 (OH)
30)Mojoe, 94 RX7 (OH)
31)Kevin D., 98tt MKIV (OH)
32)Chris Stults, 89t Mk3 (OH)
33)Sam D., 01 402c.i. Z06 (OH)
34)Cavin G., 98t MKIV (OH)
35)Mystery Man, C6 TT (OH)
36)Michael M., 97 SC300 (OH)
37)Skilor L., 93t MKIV (VA)
38)Brian (AKA: billspreston01), MKIII (OH)
39)Brandon S., 93 MKIV (OH)
40)James R, 93.5tt MKIV / 1986 MKII (OH)
41)John G., Mk2 (OH)
42)Matt H., 240 (OH)
43)Rick G., 86.5 Mk3 (OH)
44)Chris W., 92t Mk3 (OH)
45)Charlie G., 89t Mk3 (OH)
46)Dave S., 89t Mk3 (OH)
47)Kurt G., 90t Mk3 (KY)
48)Alan/Kim T., n/a (OH)
49)Travis, 00 Celica GT (IN)
50)Michael F., 97 MkIV (OH)
51)Poa, 95 Del Sol (OH)
52)Caleb D., 95 T100 (IN)
53)Jordan, 92 Mr2 (OH)
54)Aaron B., 90 Mk3 (KY)
55)Armando P., 89t Mk3, (IN)

Further event details, local hotel information, and an online registration form are available at

- Steven L.

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Wow, I may have to make it, anyone else planning yet?

Come on guys lets see some hands looks like a great time. !!!!!!!!!!


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I'll plan on being there Sat & Sunday.

Bad boys, bad boys
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Aint that the truth? ^ lol...

We're always down for meets, but at the last minute, some of us seem to have terrible memory to:

A: Schedule off work
B: Forget your 2nd cousins sisters ex boyfriends brother is having a birthday party the same day

But I'm most definately looking forward to it this year! Had I known Kilkare would've been such a muscle head fest last year, I never would have went that day!

Meanwhile, I'll be getting in contact with a few of my MKIV buddies..........:)


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Steven, any way to get a sticky on the other thread for this?
That is what I was thinking, getting hard to find......

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