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12v fuel pump mod.......?

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i just did the 12v fuel pump mod, and i couldnt really tell any difference in the car, but the pump is louder, and a few other noises started happening. anyways, has anyone ever had a problem with this mod? just curious. is this necessary or was i just waisting my time?

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I've run it for about a year now with no adverse effects.

if you dont have problem with fuel or car detonate during sequential transition, then go back to normal mode. 12V mode will shorten its life and overheat the pump for no reason.
the reason Toyota have this fuel pump ECu is cuz stock pump flows so much fuel just at 12V that it needed to be controled.
The 12V mod was for cars with the FFCD. The FFCD could't stop the ECU from seeing the boost needed to make the switch from 9V to 12V causing the car to lean out. If your not using the FFCD (which you shouldn't), then undo the 12V mod.

Later, Steve
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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