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130 HP Elise hounds Z06

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Watch 7th-10th minute on twisties

Heres a great video of a 130 hp Lotus Elise HOUNDING a 400 hp Z06 at the famous Nurburgring in Germany. Enjoy
<A HREF="" TARGET=_blank>[URL=]Z06 and Elise</A>
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Wow, that was amazing . . . it was not a Z-06, however, according to the statements in the video. It was a racing Elise vs a street C5. Nevertheless, very impressive performance by the Elise.

Now imagine a B18 swap with a Jackson Racing supercharger! :eek:
The link keeps sending me to
I keep going to sony music germany what da deal??
That was cool, thanks for the link intense. :D
I dont know which is most impressive: The fact that 130hp 1400lb Lotus can keep up with a stock C5...Or the fact that a C5 Vette can run with a full blown race car....

Its impressive how that mid engine Lotus handles in the corner...On a tight road course it would surely beat that Vette..But if its a course with nuff straightaways the Vette would kill it....The Vette simply disappeared at the end on the last straightaways.........I love the video....very long....Ive got one just like that with a Porche against an R1 in Germany....sweet...
That is a Lotus Elise Motorsports Car (200hp @1544lbs. 7.72lbs./hp) or Elise Exige (190hp 8.13lbs./hp). You can see them at under the motorsports section. It is amazing that the Corvette could even hold it's own against one of these cars considering the vette has 9.71lbs./hp to carry around. The Elise Motorsports car does 0-60 in 4.3sec. It also has a "deeper front air splitter and high level fixed rear wing facilitates balanced aerodynamic downforce characteristics of 35kg (front) and 45kg (rear) at 100mph" vs. the Vettte which I'm sure has some lift at that speed. The only thing that holds this car back is it's 136 mph top speed. Regardless this an awesome look at the track and these cars.

Later, Steve
Red Motorsports imports and races both the Lotus and the C5 in Germany. Did you notice how only the Lotus was shot from the side multiple times? The video was made to show off the Lotus. ;)
That is one of the coolest videos I've ever seen. Thanks very much for providing the link! :D
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