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I have been working on a stereo project for the car using a Logitech Z-680 system, which was originaly intended for use with xbox, computer, home theatre, etc....

I had it up and running for a month, no problems, worked great.

But, recently I have had time to move the amp back to the hatch area so the passenger seat mobility is unobstructed. To make this work, the 15-pin high density cable from the control unit (mounted in dash), to the amp must be extended. The information provided with the stereo specificly says not to use a VGA monitor cable for extension, and I read of a few instances where doing so screwed the amp up somehow. I also read of a few instances were someone made their own extension cable, which worked fine.

If I unsolder the wires from the micro board, and am careful to solder the new longer wires from the correct socket to the correct pin in the connector, should it work fine? I really need to get this to work, without the cable extended, the entire stereo is worthless.

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