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18" wheel questions?

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I am considering purchasing Enkei RPO1 wheels in the following sizes:

Front - 18X9, 42mm offset
Rear - 18X9.5, 45mm offset
Or possibly buying the same wheels in stock sizes.

I'd like a wider set, but for the money this is as wide as I have been able to find.

Can anyone describe the pros and cons involved with switching from 17s to 18s (Ride harshness, speedo error)? I'm assuming that the speedometer will need to be recalibrated. Any suggestions on this (pricing)?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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If you run 255/35R18's front and 285/30R18 rear your speedometer will be fine. I don't think you will notice a difference in ride either. This seems to be more dependent on the tire brand/model than whether they are 17" of 18".

BTW I have run the exact same wheels on my 1995 Supra.

Later, Steve
the difference in speedo reading wont be too noticeable......

when i first got my license i had an old gemini and changed the stockers (14in) to 17s and it was still quite accurate

i dont know how brand of tire can affect you speedo.... but then again there's a lot i dont know

my understanding is if the diameter increases so does the circumference obviously, and therefore one revolution of the wheel moves the car further in distance
I think what you may want to look at is the Revolutions per Mile. Depending on the tire brand and model the Rev per mile varies. If you get one that has simular specs you should be fine. One place I go to see all the specs of tire is

Hope this helps
Thanks for the advice!

Those of you who have switched to 18's, was there a noticable improvement in handling which made it worth the extra cost over 17's?
I went with the set-up Steve recommends (Thanks for all your help Steve!)Enkei RPO-1's in 18's. 9" front and 9.5" rear. 255's up front 275 in back. Ecsta Supra tires...about $1550 for everything. For the price you can't beat it. I haven't put too many miles on the new tires..thanks to the snow. In no way should these wheels do anything negative to the performance of your can. Since the way less then the stock rim/tire combo. Please let me know if you have more specific questions. My car is also dropped on 2" Tanabe springs...and the ride is pretty rough -TIM [email protected].
Calling Mr. Steve aka "Tire Guru" :)
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I don't see the PM.

Later, Steve
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