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Size: 18x8.5
Offset: 43mm
Bolt Pattern: 5x114.3

Tire Specs

Goodyear Eagle F1 alike with 420AA rating, Ultra high performance all season directional design

Size: 235/40/ZR18

Condition of the wheels: The wheels are in mint condtion(used for 10k miles), except there 2 small curb rashes on one of the wheels, it's going to cost anywhere from $50-$75 to get the rashes off a wheel. There is also one wheel with minor rashes on the outer lip.

Condition of the tires: The tires have at least 60%+ worth of treads left(used for 10k miles), except there is one tire that has really poor outer tread, due to the poor alignment job done by Discount Tire Center in El Monte(Thanks Vic).

Cars that these wheels will fit on: 05+ STi's, LGT's, Forester's, EVO's and S2K's.
and should fit the supra

Asking price: $900OBO, local pick up in Socal only.


All 4 wheels

wheel 1/4 (Minor rashes on the outer lip)

wheel 2/4 (Perfect)

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