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Hello My Fellow Enthusiast,
I have a an early 86 supra that I am putting up for sale. Body and Engine is in great condition. Interior is also in great condition. I have spent 1,900 dollars into the car recently getitng many things replaced such as the following; Oil pan, Oil Pipe, Rear Main Seal, Tie Rods, Lower Control arm, 4 wheels and 4 tires,Water Hose, Gaskets. However the frame seems to be a little cracked so they cannot align the car. I have already invested a lot of money and time into this car and just cannot invest any more money into the car. I love my baby and hate to put it on sale but this is something I am going to have to do. It is fixable the frame just needs to be weLded and pulled and this car will last you well. The rear two tires are brand new yokohomas 225/60 r 14...the front 2 were also the same but since the frame was messed up and I drove it like that for 2 months the tired got chewed out and I just dont want to drive it any more so I put 2 used tires in the front. If you want to buy i'd recomend for you to bring a trailer. I just need to get rid of this car now and I will be losing money on it because no one seems to want this car for 1,200 so I am asking $700.00 or best offer. Car has 147,798 miles on it

Serious Inquiries only :x:

Thank You

Email me at "[email protected]" for any questions

Cell- (678) 887-0720 Atlanta, GA


1 - 2 of 2 Posts