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now we are getting somewhere. back in my day the dimmmer was on the floor jr haha

you turn signal "stick" is prob bad if you can't feel a detent / get the high beams on (they work like any other car with the stick going fwd/back)

used is the only option I know of. and cheep they are not. they are on ebay / other used parts places

when the headlights are off you can pull the stick back to flash the headlights. this makes them pop up for just the flash. that would be the dope ass 80's headlight pop up flick. second in coolness to driving around with them up and off. and if you want to pop the hood and use the manual crank knob (its under a rubber boot). to just partially crank up the passenger one. this lets everyone know you have owned your supra for less than one month and its only upgrade is a k&n filter

all kidding aside, welcome to the club man.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts