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Hello All,

I am looking at a 1987 Supra Turbo. Pretty much stock as far as I can see. The seller proclaims that it has 350 horses. How much work do you have to do to get that out of these cars. It has 3 inch cat back, manual boost controller, and is running 10 psi. He wants 5k and the car runs real strong but the body is in rough shape. Is that a good price? Let me know ASAP.


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is he claiming 350 at the crank or to the wheels? To make 350rwhp, it would have to have full 3in exhaust from the turbo down, no cats, BC, 550's, intake, plugs and wires, lex afm, possibly a rebuilt ct-26, fuel pump, safc, afpr, and maybe some port work on the exhaust mani and intake mani, after that you'd be pretty close if not hitting it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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