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After buying this 97,000 mile mk3 supra with a 7mgte/R154, the car sat for 2+ years outside of an apartment complex and before was kept in storage for 8 years, well the owner told me this who knows if its true. Good complete car with very minimal rust only on the bottom corners of the front wheel wells and a dent on the rear fender, paint is decent but once the engine is removed it will be sent to get a nice paint job and clean up the body. I always liked these cars and I looked for one for about a year waiting on the perfect deal which I feel I got.

Now to the project goals:
400-500hp for 2016 so I can enjoy it for the summer. Final goal (will change lol) 700hp with the MC kit on the R154 complete valve job on the heads and more aggressive cams, if I get another great bonus maybe a Stroker kit :).

Took me a lot of research to finally choose the engine I wanted to use.
It was either a JDM 2jzgte, 1jzgte, or USDM2jzge NA-t
Decided on the USDM 2jzge since I was going to build the engine with forged internals, metal headgasket, anyways and it was the most cost efficient engine for my build. Then came the issue of the VVTi, I read as much as I could on this particular system and after much debate I decided to go with the VVTi just because I hear its worth it once you figure out how to tune the darn thing.

Fast forward 6 months later, found an engine of a 2000 SC300 with 90k miles for a great price and it included the uncut wire harness, accessories, but no ECU(no problem going standalone).

Parts i got so far:
2JZ GE with harness
1JZ bellhousing and flywheel
DM JZ mounts
CP piston, and Manley H Rods
OE GTE Toyota Headgasket
Upper gasket kit for 2JZ GE vvti
Still researching turbos but im looking at the HX40, 6262, BW s366
ECU going with ECUmaster if they can answer my question on VVti or else going with suprastores AEM plug and play.
Fuel im still researching but probably going to get some 1000cc top fed injectors.

Im hoping I can piece together this entire car and have it street legal in Colorado by April/May. If anyone gots a good recommendation for an exhaust manifold, injectors, turbo for my goals, and anything else i might be missing I would greatly appreciate it.
Thanks for reading and wish me luck :gapteeth:
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