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1988 Supra engine idle after warm

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i have a 1988 supra with the inline 6 non turbo. you'll drive the car for a little bit, after it warms up, and then shut it off and go in a store or something and come back out and start it up and it acts like it's misfiring and the engine shakes. if you stomp on the gas it dies right away, but you feather it until it smooths out and then it runs fine. what could be the cause? i have checked fuel pressure and it's ok. it's a little high with the vac line off pressure regulator, but only 4-6 psi. i also checked my mass air flow sensor. and i only get 100 or less ohms of resistance after it's been running for a while. any help would be a big help.
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I had similar probs., and it was my maf. I went map-ecu it eliminates that peice and problems gone. It also acted up every time I washed my engine it had a hairline crack on the maf. I personally hate them, they are very expensive unless you got connections.
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