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Just had my 7MGTE rebuilt and was breaking in the engine. Drove about 400 miles and lost 3 overflow containers of coolant.

Found that fluid... its on the floor in the passenger side of the car.

Heater core was replaced about 10-15,000 km ago (new core, O-rings and hoses) as the old one leaked. Previous leak would have a mist in the heater vents that this one doesn't have.

- Could something have been damage while putting the engine back in to cause the interior leak? I can't see where it's coming from yet. Is there any place inside the car other than the inlet/outlet where the coolant could be coming from?

really hoping I don't have to get right down to the heater core... that's a fairly sucky job.

- the fan barely turns at LOW setting on the heater. Is it simply the resistor (usually) if the fan itself is good? Basically I see the resistor for about 40 USD and it seems like a fairly simple replacement. Just wondered if anyone ran across this.

- My voltage gauge (I have 2 actually) reads 13.5 Volts (the battery is new) while driving. It's usually 14.3 after start up while idling fast (over 1000 rpm) but seems to settle at running 13.5 while cruising.

My Standalone reads the 12.257 when my gauge shows 13.5 and if I turn on the heater to low or medium and put on the headlights, at idle, my gauges will show 12.0-12.5 volts (depending). The standalone will read down to 12.0 and only climb to about 12.3 while driving that way.

Is there a resistor or something in between the battery or alternator and the gauge cluster that could be faulty? It seems that something is limiting my alternator's performance.

The brushes, etc were done when I overhauled the alternator about 3 years ago (about 15,000 km).



Because I am running standalone the AFM is gone. I have an engine code error (engine light is on) that is related to (can't remember exact wording) the ECU not seeing a reading. This, I believe, is common (I run the ECU mated to a HKS Fcon Vpro 3.3. The ECU controls idle/AC functions still). Is there a way to circumvent this error code without disabling the engine code light?

That's all my queries. Thanks for reading! :wavey:
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