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1989 Headlights

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does anyone if there is a conversion kit for the flip up lights? if not, does anyone know where i can find the vented passenger side headlight housing?
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What do you mean by conversion kit?

You want fixed lights?
yeah, is there any on the market?
ummm...89 lights were the same as all the rest...
89 2JZ-GTE said:
yeah, is there any on the market?
No. You'd have to have them custom made...I've offered to put kits together for $400.
Uh... last I checked... they make them for MR2s, but have never seen them on a mk3 supra...

This is a subject lots of people bring up.


Or search in general, before making new threads.

Some thing said alot, but not really done.
makenzie71: u said u offer to put kits you have any pics.?
nope...never made a kit for the MKIII...only put one together for my FC RX7. Can also do low profile "sleepy-eyes".

A flush light will use either a PIAA 980 dr/fog light combo or dual hella projectors. The 980 will fit low and flush...the projectors will bulge above the hood slightly.
the PIAA 980 is what I've used on RX7's and they look like this in the casing and eveything...

"that's a borrowed image"
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sorry, but IMO that just wouldn't flow..

Our cars look good with flip heads.
^Ditto...the only reason anyone should do it is for weight loss or if they can turn a 9 second quarter...
Yeah, I thought about the parachute quality... but honestly, I don't think it matters below 100mph
Flip-up lights are too cool to replace with fixed lights.

I think the MKIV should have had flip-up lights.
the major thing with the flush lights is functionality. ive seen a couple of pictures that have flush lights and they look great....but there is not enough visibility with using fog lights....9 outta 10 people that i know that have tried flush mounted lights have gone back to the popups....besides..the popups are cooler :)
Welcome to Yesterday, population YOU! :p
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