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NAME: Mike Shannahan
PHONE NUMBER: pm me first
EMAIL: [email protected]
PAYMENT PREFERENCE: cash, paypal, cashier check
ITEM: 1989 toyota supra NA
PRICE: 2800

Exterior: its not perfect. not much rust at all. the spot in the back has been covered with inhibitor and is aprox. 2 inches long by 1/2 an inch. there is a spot on the drivers door that i sanded down and then bondoed and primed to get rid of the rust. no major dents, no known accidents

Interior: MINT burgandy cloth. I have the origional floor mats (still in great shape) that will be included as well. the only things i would replace are the center console top, as its scratched on the top and ide try and find some seatbelt holders.

Suspention, wheels and brakes: The car has eibachs and kyb gr-2s, and less than 1000 miles on them. im still rolling around on sawblades, and have new brake pads that will go with the car, and there will be new rear tires(getting bald and ones flat).

Engine and Transmission: There is a low mile JDM motor(~50k) in the bay, with the greater majority of the hoses being new. the transmission is an R154 unit. I believe the clutch slave to be leaking, and another will be included. the power steering doesnt work due to the pump not working, the rack does not leak. The heat is on all the time and the ac needs a belt and to be recharged. pennzoil 5w30 full synthetic and a new filter (will be in before sale. all oil related hardware is from a turbo car (including pan) and the fan is from a turbo as well.

Performance: A 2.5in catback (stock turbo catback) has been fitted, the cat hollowed out and a cone filter has been installed.

Reason for sale:
i dont have the time and money that are necessary for this car to be where i want it. i was thinking of doing a na-t, 1jz or 1uz swap, but i cant get the funds together to do so in a timely fashion. ill stick around here still, and maybe one day ill be back, but owning 2 cars and being in college is not a good mix.

any other supra part i have laying around will be included.

please feel free to ask any questions you may desire and i thank you for looking.

pictures are located on
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