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-What is your First & Last name?: Joseph Sepic
-What is your email? [email protected]
-What is your phone number? 9172735172
-What is your City? : Flushing
-What is your State? : New York
-What is your Zipcode? :11358
Price: $8000

It pains me to write this post but it must happen. Spent a ton of money and time on this thing and just don’t have time to continue any longer. I am selling this because I simply cannot maintain it anymore between college, work and personal life. I’ve tried to take care of this car as much as possible throughout the years of ownership. It has been owned by my father for 20 years completely stock and passed down to me. I have owned it for 6 years. Car has a total of 137000 miles on it. Left hand drive.

If you have something bad to say, i don’t care. Don’t wana hear it. Only responding to serious inquiries. Price can be slightly negotiable. Have spent a lot of money on this car. In no rush to sell

-plug and play 7mgte AEM Infinity
-break in tune by STREET LETHAL MOTORSPORTS. Runs and drives. Just need a final tune once motor is broken in.
-completely rebuilt and built 7mgte by STREET LETHAL MOTORSPORTS. Motor has about 400 miles on it.
-PRECISION 6262 bolt on turbo. Just rebuilt by precision
-wiseco Pistons
-eagle rods
-king bearings
-oil pump
-arp hardware
-Brian crowder springs and retainers
-Hks metal head gasket
-Arp head bolts
-new Toyota gaskets everywhere
- new magnecor spark plug wires
-new ngk spark plugs
-new k&n air filter
- new transmission fluid
-new diff fluid
-new coolant
-new power steering fluid

-brakes, rotors, pads
-tokiko illumina struts and eibach springs. Works with tems
-new paint job. I personally think it came out really well
-timing belt
-mishimoto radiator
-water pump
-high temp coated divorced downpipe
-high temp coated and ported exhaust manifold gasket
-vacuum lines replaced with higher quality silicone ones
-fully rebuilt CPS
-coolant rubber hoses replaced with silicone hoses
-driftmotion front mount inter cooler kit
-cluster gauge led lighting
-rear tail lights led lighting
-asa ar1 rims
- tires with good tread life
-driftmotion stage 3.5 clutch
-genuine hks BOV
-afpr fuel kit
-RC engineering 550cc injectors
- snow performance stage 2+ meth kit. Is not currently hooked up because I do not run it with this setup.

I’m sure there’s things I missed. Just can’t think of everything. Please ask

-a lot has been already done. Had STREET LETHAL do all of the motor and tuning labor. Will need a retune once motor completely broken in. Drives really well. Have only and always used good gas in this car. Newly rebuilt motor feels like it drives very strong. Has some trouble cold starting because the battery is a little weak but starts right up no problem after driving and parking for a few hours. The r154 shifts spectacularly. Very smooth. The differential does not slip. Locks well. Driving around is very good. Original Power seats and power windows work. Heater works. Has the grey leather interior. Changed the front seats to the grey fabric that are in very good condition. because the leather ones were so ripped up

Oil slightly leaking from somewhere under the car. maybe a small drop or two leaving it overnight. Nothing bad. Power steering leaks a little. Cold starts are a little hard but will start. I’m talking about sub 30 degree weather. Probably because the battery is a little weak. The tune has a slight little hiccup when idling.
The clutch is a 6 puck and will take some time getting used to it. Not gonna lie it’s kind of harsh and the clutch itself sounds like it grinds when riding on it for too long. shifting and driving with it feels great though. The gas cap needs to be played with to get it open sometimes. I sprayed some wd40 on the hinges and the little black piece so it doesn’t lock up.

The car has been bumped on the back right bumper. Some scrapes on the back right bumper from being hit. Also small dent on fender from being hit slightly. It’s really not that bad, just look at the picture of the bumper in the photos below. Also according to my father it has been hit on the back right quarter panel over 20 years ago when he purchased it from the previous owner. It has been repaired and not noticeable. Air conditioner does not work. Radio and alarm work but had to pull the dome fuse to disable them because the alarm wouldn’t shut off. No problems with that since pulling the dome fuse.

If you have any more questions feel free to text me. Always got my phone on me.


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