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Stock 1989 Supra Turbo w/ Sport Roof
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Sup fellas, been a great 2 years. 0 social life, plenty of wrench turning, and lots learned.
Back in 2019 I saw this on craigslist, saw it in person, felt the ebay turbo boost on the abused 7M, immediately fell in love. Long story from there but pretty much everything broke and I went from having never changed brakes to building a 2JZ in about 12 months.
Just dyno'd 475hp/430tq in 96 degree weather on pump 92. I think the IAT's were over 140f. Tuner said it's well over 500hp on a colder day.
I don't have a pic of the final power pull dyno sheet because it wasn't supposed to be the final pull... until the boost control solenoid died.
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Here's a full rundown on the parts:
  • 2JZGE-VVTI from a GS300
    • Manley H-Tuff Rods
    • Wiseco K550M series pistons
    • Stock mains
    • BC 264 cams
    • BC springs/retainers/keepers
    • Billet aluminum timing tensioner
  • SUPRAvWORLD T3 Log manifold
  • PTE 6062 T3 .82a/r
  • PTE 46mm wastegate recirculated into exhaust
  • Audi R8 coils
  • Ebay intercooler 3" core w/ 2.5" piping
  • VSracing BOV (don't buy this)
  • Amazon dual-pass aluminum radiator
  • OSGiken TR2CD twin plate clutch
  • Driftmotion Built R154 (don't do this, it has leaked ever since I got it back)
  • Mercedes W220 eFan
  • Haltech Elite 2000 w/ universal wiring harness
  • 10AN catchcan setup
  • Continental/GM flex fuel sensor
  • 2x Walbro 450LPH fuel pumps (higher pressure ones)
  • 8AN feed, 6AN return
  • ID1050x Injectors
  • Aeromotive AFPR
  • Js alternators 170amp
  • AEM x series wideband
  • Battery relocation
  • Strongflex bushings (everything)
  • Reinforced rear subframe
  • Replica HKS Super Drager 3" exhaust
  • External oil cooler (between rad and A/C condenser)
  • Work Ryver wheels - dipped black
  • Mercedes brakes in front
  • Nitto NT05 - 225/30/R17 front - 275/40/R17 rear
Definitely missing some stuff here. I've touched every part of this car except the diff and the power steering rack, which happens to be leaking :):):)

This week I drove it an hour away for work and it did great. At wastegate pressure it makes about 350hp. This manifold/turbo setup is VERY responsive. at 3K rpm it's making boost, and at 4K rpm the wastegate is already open and it is pulling hard. The exhaust has some intense droning but when you put your foot down it sounds amazing.

Now it's just the odds and ends- putting the interior back together and looking at some aesthetic stuff like restoring the paint and trim.
Once the new boost solenoid comes in and I get used to 500hp, I'll bring her back in for an e85 tune. Shooting for 700hp.
Thanks for all the help over the years fellas. I've learned so much from you guys.
I'm surprised the R154 leaks from the DriftMotion rebuild. Have you contacted Aaron about it? I thought they had a pretty good reputation for their R154 rebuilds. I was thinking of sending mine in for an upgraded rebuild when the time came.
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