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Whats up everyone i am new to the forums. so I will apologize if I am in the wrong place to ask my questions about my troubles.

I have a 1990 mk3 supra with 2jzgte non vvti swap. I had just did this swap i will list the mods below that I have done. However the car runs and drives fine right up in till 5k rpm and it hits a wall almost like a 5k rpm rev limit. I can rev it in neutral and it seems to do the same. I can do a full pull in the car but I have to keep it at half throttle approx and it will pull through hard. I'm stumped. Its is running on the stock 2jz-gt ecu and has hks fcd. Its set on setting 9 but I am running 10psi of boost. And my afrs are good.

The mods
Stock 2jz block
Stock 2jz non vvti head and cams
Built r154 marlin crawler trans
Spec twin disk clutch 1500ft lb
1 piece drive shaft
Stock 2jz-gt ecu
Hks fcd set on 9
Tweaked performance harness
Walboro 450 pump
Fuel lab fpr set to 50psi
-6 fuel lines
Precision 6262 .84 ar
K&n filter and 5 inch intake
Cast manifold
Turbonetics waste gate with 10psi spring
3inch dp and full straight pipe exhaust
Dual hks ssq bovs
3 inch cac and piping
Hks cam gears
Hks timing purple belt

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