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91 supra, black JDM type r.
1JZ single turbo build with perssion turbo+ injectors
new single peice driveshaft, ttien coil overs, slotted+drilled rotors all around, greddy boost controller, engine rebuilt, and have all new extra gaskets ( orderd 2 sets by mistake ) 3" exhuast straight pipe right from turbo, original paint, no rust what so ever, comes with 2 sets of rims, crusing and a race set, i never drove the car in the rain or on cloudy days. it hasnt seen a flake of snow either.
to much mods to list...
i did oil changes every 1,000km... yes im not kidding. but i only drive it maybe 2,000km a year.
i need this gone, fast im in dept and trying to get out! i bought car for 11k, and put around 20k into it.
I am really hopeing to get 15,000 for it this is a soild car nothing has ever gone wrong with it. best car hands down i have ever owned and wish i didnt have to sell it.
[email protected] to contact me
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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