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Name: Andy
Location: Queens, NY
Payment: Paypal, Local Pick Up
Contact: PM

Price: Varies On Parts Below And Are Best Offer

AEM Price 1200 Shipped

I have a new AEM V1 standalone for a 1993-1998 Supra. *It has never been used, never been plugged in. *New as it would come from AEM themselves.

Head Gasket Price 300 Shipped OBO

I have a new comedic head gasket for a 2JZ-GE. *It will allow you to bring the compression ratio up to a stock 2JZ-GTE due to it's 1.95MM thickness. *It is new in packaging and I have never removed it.

This was discussed before making the order since I was going to turbo a GE with the NA pistons And wanted the ratio equivalent to the GTE.

1600 Bosch Injectors- 500 Shipped!

These are new and in the box. *Never used and Never installed.

T-Bolt Clamps - 65 Shipped

These are new T-Bolt clamps. *They are a set of 8 3" to 3.5" clamps and 2 3.5"-4" clamps. *The whole set for the price listed above.
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