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The car run and drive fine, boost lag in the being but when it does boost it move. The boost is set on stock 10psi but can be easy turn up to 18 psi with a boost control. There no leak or smoke or anything wrong with the motor or tranny, The bad thing about the swap is the ecu that i bought on Craigslist, sometime the ecu act up and make the car run like shit when the check engine light come on , I been looking for a new ecu on the supra forum and other web site but still cant fine any ...

As of right now the check engine light is on it feel like the coil is gone on all of them but it not so i think it the ecu that i bought online.

It my lost your grain. I put a lot of work and time and money in it just want to walk away with half of it or close to it ..

hey my number 832-447-0960 or pm me
the car is parking at my mom house if you want to check it out car must be pick up when it sold have the title in hand

the car come with
-1995 toyota supra tt auto swap 40k
-blitz bov
-aem dry air fliter
-glow shift boost gauge
-custom piping
-3inc down pipe
-new ngk sprak plug
-custom wire harness from Tweak'd Performance aka Phoenix Tuning
- all tag on the car is up to date
-new water pump
-new alternator
-new timing belt
-new battery

the bad
-no p/s
-no a/c
-passenger side does not open on the outside handle easy to be fix

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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