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Hey all..

I have been forced to sell my car. I would put it in the "for-sale" section, but found those to be all "Supra" specific. I wanted to post the add on this site, for there is often a lot of simular interest between cars.

Recent events have really caused my world to go upside down. Many of them were due to the crap in Arizona, with that "beat" down that occurred with some cult hurting my father. This, combined with a few other unfortunate events, has had me against the wall. (See thread:

This is the last option available. I would never be content selling my car.

Yet, to survive I need to do what I need to do. Family comes first, then personal possessions. I have so much tied up into my car; it gives me much pain to even post this.

Anyhow, I have nothing set in stone, for I am still working out other issues. But, if anyone is really interested and is willing to pay good money for what the car is worth, then please talk with me. While I am not looking for the very top dollar on the car, I still need to cover myself in which it is causing me to liquidate many of my assets.

I am looking for $40,000.00 BOTTOM DOLLAR.. The emotional roller coaster involved with this car has definitely tried all my patience and put strain on my family (search on my name in the RX7Club and go back a few years and you can read the story with me getting ripped off).

I have more than 100k wrapped into the car, and currently have it insured through State-Farm for 75k. I think most RX-7 people know about my car, and can tell you how much detail has been put into it. Anyhow, PM me if anyone is seriously interested. I emphasize seriously, because I honestly do not have time for the various games by people with my current situation.


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Here is what the car looks like:

Also, here are some recent videos of the car:


Here is a general list of items for the car:

Here was the dyno on the old SMALLER turbo:

Here is the dyno of that run (only taking the car to 6100 RPMS):

Here is a funny video of the car "flaming":

Here is an interesting hypothetical thread on performance on the car:

Here are some various pictures of the LCD Touchscreen Computer and what-not:

Various pictures of the exhaust on the car "aka snake":

Please call if you have any questions, I have various parts and new stuff un-installed ready to go with the car.


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Renlin said:
Wrong forum :bigthumb:
:) Figured as much. Where should I put it, within the Surpa community? I know many people from both worlds have often expressed interest in both cars, hence why I wanted to put the add here too.

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Cafe said:
She's beatutiful. Sounds like you're going through a lot. Hang in there.
Thanks for the comments. It is a very difficult thing to do, selling my pride and joy.

For some further information about the car, here is PM I sent someone else:

Red-Rx7 said:
Thanks for the reply. I would never sell my car, unless I was in a horrible situation. As you could imagine, I am in that situation right now.

The 3 rotor FD3S is an unbelievable car. When I built the car, it was suppose to be aimed toward the "best of all worlds". While it is naturally setup for more road racing, it can still be used to drag quite efficently. The entire driveline was beefed up, which you do not find done on any other car package conversion out there. It seems people skimp on various areas of the car.

Also the car was designed to be "show" worthy as well. The 7" touchscreen provides functional use, along with other "fun" toys: GPS, Movies, Music, Internet, etc.

When building this car, we made it so it would handle over 1k horsepower. Reaching this mark is easy to do with the appropriate turbo choices, but getting there makes things some-what unrealistic. Granted you could produce this power for shows (aka dyno-queen); it would never be applicable to really drive the car with that power.

Right now, the car is very reliable with its current setup. I do not know the current horsepower numbers, for I recently went with a larger turbo. The new turbo should yeild about 75 BHP more HP per PSI of boost.

The car is a 1994/5 R2 Vintage Red. The MFG date of the car is November or December of 94, and sold as a 1995. Yet, the title shows 94 (so one must assume it was an "ordered" car, for it wouldn't even have had time to make it to the showroom for a sale in 94). It currently has 60k on the car. This really only applies to the chasis, for most everything else has been replaced. :)

The "real" actual miles of this setup is:

1235.84 (From Hackensack to Kansas City)
503.03 (To Indy for Rotary Revolution)
503.03 (To come back from Rotary Revolution)
50 (Misc miles in Indy)
Exactly HIGHWAY 2291.9 Miles.

This applies to the Engine, and other supporting equipment. This does not apply to the turbo nor Dog Box transmission. The turbo is BRAND new, using the same front housing (because of a welded outlet flange to be used by the intercooler).

The Dog-box tranmission is also BRAND-New and sitting in Australia waiting for shipment to the USA. It costs a few hundred for me to ship it, and I have been preoccupied with other matters to ever get it here. This transmission is worth over 5k alone.

I understand about the headache issue, and you get that anytime you deal with modified cars. Yet, the whole purpose of this car was to eliminate any reliability concerns. At pump gas (well, I always mix 110 octane .. old rotary habbits), the car makes over 630 RWHP (on old turbo, more on new!) and over 610 ftlbs of torque. This was done at ~13.5 psi of boost, wich isn't even really tapping into the capable horsepower of the car.

Anyhow, I appreciate the interest in the car. My goal was to repaint the car (it looks good now, but I am a stickler for detail). I also have a new authentic 99 spec front bumper and feed side skirts I wanted to install (give it more "flair"). The car will be "drive away" condition to whom-ever buys it.

Right now, the car is in "limbo" of having more stuff added to it. Since I have put the new turbo on the car, it is both OIL and WATER cooled. Whereas the previous turbo was just OIL cooled. Therefore I need to also run water lines to the center cartridge of the turbo. This was TO BE done before someone buys it. Also, I was contimplating having Marcos Acosta come down and retune the car for the new turbo. Anyone can do it, but often people like the "show" of it. In reality, the only thing that needs to be done is that more fuel needs to be added to achieve the desired AFR. Since this turbo flows more, about 5-8% of fuel needs to be added.

The rest of the parts is up to the new owner. They can sell the GURU DOG-BOX transmission, or install it themselves (all it is needing is the bellhousing & starter from the factory one in the car right now); and if the new owner wants to install the 99 spec bumper and feed side skirts. Otherwise they can sell those for $1k.

Either way, think it over. This car has more stuff done to it than any other ones out there I know of, and is well worth it at the price I am asking for. Here is the forsale thread I have created:

I have also asked a moderator to move this thread to the for sale section above. Thanks.

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Thanks for the replies. Selling this car feels (to me anyhow, pure guestimation) like giving a child up for adoption due to not being able to support it. In my case, I need funding for crap in AZ. Thanks again.

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MkIV13 said:
since its insured for 75, should get your car stolen or burn it to get the insurance money. just playin...nice car.
lol. It has come into my mind.. But.. I couldn't do it.

Anyhow, this car has the capability to produce over 1000 RWHP. It makes over 630 RWHP at 13.5 PSI of boost. I have since put a larger turbo on it, and just think of the flow and power at 25psi!

Here are the turbo maps:



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I plan on putting the car on EBAY within the next day or so.

The optional route one may go, is they can purchase the full package (minus the DOG-BOX transmission) for 37,000.00.. At that price they get the entire car and all extras (99 Spec front end, FEED Side skirts, two ET Streets with factory FD3S wheels, DEFI D-Link system with 3 new guages, Brand new wideband sensor and Autronics controller (1500.00), various other parts too).

Please let me know ASAP if anyone is interested.

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