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Brandon Gi
rb240s14 (@)

$48,000 No Trades. I do want this to move quick so i will entertain offers.


READ FULL POST!! I tried to put every detail and description of the car down.
1994 Supra Turbo
Baltic Blue
V160 6sp
128775 miles

This is a Factory Turbo auto supra that’s been swapped to a full 6sp (factory supra 6 speed parts) V160 and all. Car is in great shape, original paint. I always had it detailed every spring. Few rock chips and few minor edges with some paint peel.

Interior wise it’s veryyyy clean. Previous owner had the stock seats reupholstered, they’re basically new. The carpet is the factory tan that’s been dyed. Don’t let that deter you I went by the thread on supraforums you would never guess it’s been dyed and it’s been scrubbed when detailed and no fading at all. Has the drivers factory carpet no idea what happened to the passenger. The dash panels are all original. I sanded them down and repainted in black. The shifter panel is brand new from Toyota. Last winter I did a full layer of sound deadening in the main portion the car. Footwells to the back of the seats. The rear seats and hatch part I just tried to do areas that didnt have factory sound deadening.

It’s running the AEM infinity. Fully tuned my Alex at Granite State Dyno and Tune. Put down 500whp at 22lbs~ forget the exact boost been a while. No issues on cold starts and when I say cold I mean 30F out (see video). It drives amazing roll in to boost and it just pulls no hiccups at all. It will misfire occasionally at idle once warmed up. Spark plug gap is tight. Besides that it zero running issues. If it warms up I’ll get a video of driving around.

Recent work...Turbo was recently rebuilt started to get some oil leaking. Front main seal/cam seals. Same, started to get some oil leaking from them. Rear brakes are brand new maybe 80 miles on them. Beginning of 2019 I had all new exhaust gaskets installed, the turbo gaskets and studs. Added a Venturi pipe/hose to the down pipe (creates vacuum in the catch can. Helps keep any smells away). Heat wrapped the downpipe. Power steering and the high pressure line were done a month ago.

I have invoices for pretty much everything. All the factory parts I’ve ordered and work that’s been done. Few odd ball things I’d done as well....replaced the CEL assembly on the dash for example.

The list
AEM Infinity (new installed 2018)
AEM boost solenoid (new installed 2018)
AEM map sensor (new installed 2018)
Precision Turbo 6765. JB w/ billet wheel
Header unknown (installed before I owned)
HKS Racing Ti (new installed 2017)
3” downpipe (unknown brand)
Tial wastegate
720cc injectors (unknown brand installed before I owned)
Aeromotive reg
SS fuel lines (unknown brand installed before I owned)
HKS rail
Radium Hanger (new installed 2018)
Duel walboro 420s E85 ready (new installed 2018)
Radium Fuel filter (new installed 2018)
Painless wire harness for fuel pumps (new installed 2018)
Real Street catch can (new installed 2017)
V160 bought with 100k~ on it.
Southbend Stg 3 enduro clutch (new installed 2017)
Luk DM flywheel (new installed 2017)
Driveshaft Shop 1pc (new installed 2017)
Factory 6sp rear pumpkin w/ factory 6sp diff. (Rear pumpkin fully rebuilt. New bearings, seals, ring and pinion as well.
Factory 6sp axels (bought used)
Titan solid shifter bushings (new installed 2017)
Factory clutch and brake pedals ( new installed 2017)
HKS hiper max 4s (new installed 2017)
Super pro bushings on steering rack, rear upper arms, rear diff.
HKS Kansai Service Strut bar
SRT8 front calipers with ISF rotors (new installed 2018)
Factory turbo rear brakes (new just did them)
SS brake lines
CCW classics 18x10 18/11 (new installed 2017)
Front tires- Michelin pilot super sports ( 1 tire was installed early 2019 other I just had replaced)
Rear tires-Toyo R888 maybe another season is left in them.
TRD Steering wheel
TRD style wing
98 headlights (new installed 2018)
98 taillights
Ganador mirrors w/ LHD glass.
The bad:
While the body is in great shape who ever rolled the rear quarters didn’t do it right. The paint is smooth and no “bacon” edge is visible but can tell the body shop didn’t smooth out the edge. Valve stem seals could be done. If it sits for a few days get a light puff out of the back. Header was previously repaired for a crack in one of the runners. While that hasn’t been an issue it does have a leak near the gasket. Not sure how as that was replaced earlier this year. The CCWs are basically new Iv never curbed them. The lips just need a polish, but the faces were supposed to be clear coated from CCW but they had a “bad month on quality” so the clear flaked off. The faces aren’t damaged or anything. I was going to let it continue to flake off then have them clear coated. The front brake caliper I had to shave down so the top side isn’t painted. But you can’t even see it with the wheel mounted.
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