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White 1994 Toyota Supra 6spd TT -> Single Turbo
Original Engine - 138k miles
Single Turbo Conversion at 98K miles
Dyno Results: 494rwhp, 440rwtq @19psi. Estimated 530whp at 21psi, which I run occasionally
Best Trap speed: 126.6 mph
VIN: JT2JA82J2R0019547

It’s taken me a long time to decide this is actually what I want to do, but I’ve decided to put my Supra up for sale. I’ve only driven it a few hundred miles a year since 2014 and I hate to see it just sit, so I’ve decided it may be time to let someone else enjoy it. I’m sharing this on Supraforums first. After that I’ll look into BAT and other places.

I bought the car in 2007 and it has been rock solid through my entire ownership. When I moved to Texas in 2014, I DROVE the Supra from Pennsylvania (where I kept it garaged) to Texas over the course of 3 days. This car runs and drives incredibly. This setup is one of the best street Supra setups you can have. It’s still on the Stock ECU so it runs and drives like a Camry and when you step on it...well you know.

In 2006, the car was converted to single turbo (BoostLogic 67 DBB) by the previous owner. Under my ownership, it dyno’d 494whp @18psi on pump gas. That’s nowhere near the limits of this turbo, but I've always preferred to tune on the conservative side. The car has an alkycontrol methanol injection system and can safely run 21-22psi with methanol, which I have done occasionally(~530-550whp...after that point you’re limited by the stock fuel system). It’s tuned to a 12.0 AFR without methanol and 11.6 AFR with methanol. The car is still stock ECU/MAF with the BOV vented to the atmosphere, so the rpms will stumble if you blow off and then go straight into neutral (a common mkiv/maf issue). This never bothered me, and I used it as an opportunity to become comfortable heel/toe-ing. You can vent back to the intake if you like to reduce the issue (parts are included with the car) or convert from stock MAF sensor to MAP Sensor.

I have taken the car to the track, but only put 15 passes on the car in the 12 years I’ve owned it. I always took it easy off the line(2.2 60ft times), kept it in a conservative tune, and put Sunoco 110 unleaded in the tank. Overall, my main goal with this car was to enjoy it on the street, and most of the miles have been just spirited driving around wherever I lived, and this is a PERFECT setup for that.


More pictures can be seen here: Supra For Sale Pics

Some other Info:
Car Fax:
I’ve included the Carfax report in the photo album here: Supra For Sale Pics
  • It incorrectly shows 5 owners. I’ve owned the car since 2007, but moved to Texas in 2014. Owner 4 and Owner 5 are both me. Owner 2 and Owner 3 are the same guy in NJ. This is a 3 owner car
  • Car Fax shows a mileage inconsistency on 11/15/2017. It looks like whoever recorded the mileage wrote 130,088 instead of 138,088. This car has never been driven with the odometer disconnected. You’ll see that the rest of the mileage tracks accurately.
Stock Parts:
The sale of this car includes all stock parts which are in my possession. This includes stock side skirts + rear rocker panels, stock hood, stock bumper, stock wheels, and 2 bins full of parts from the single turbo conversion (both stock turbos...unknown condition, intercooler piping, two Side Mount intercoolers, the stock air box). They all go with the car. The parts are all located in Pennsylvania. If you want those, you’ll have to arrange transportation. After purchase, you’ll have a year to get the parts. After that, I’ll discard them. Also included is a 5 gallon container of Methanol with ~4 gallons left in it.

Pictures of all stock parts: Supra Stock Parts

For the sake of full disclosure: Someone in a lifted truck backed into the passenger side fender, so I had the fender professionally replaced with an OEM fender.

Documentation: I have an entire folder of receipts/documents from multiple owners. I’ve done maintenance on my own when possible, and have receipts for other work done.

Minor Body Blemishes - I did my best to highlight in the pictures any blemishes on the body of the car.
The rear bumper has a scuff on the top center (pictured).
There is also one minor indent behind the driver side door by the wheel well. In the pictures, I attempt to point at it. It’s very minor and hard to spot.

Below you will find the list of modifications and install dates:
Single Turbo conversion done in 2006 by previous owner

Engine/Performance Modifications:
Boostlogic 67mm Dual Ball Bearing Turbo - 2006
XSpower manifold - 2006
Greddy 3row Front Mount Intercooler - 2006
Boost logic intercooler piping - 2006
Manual Boost Controller - 2006
HKS SSQV Blow off Valve (recirculation fitting included) - 2006
Fluidyne Radiator - 2008
Straightline Performance Custom 4 inch exhaust - 2006
HKS TI muffler - 2006
Titan Crank Pulley/ Accessory Belt - April 2008
Clutch - South Bend - Organic Feramic - March 2010
Rotora Slotted Brake Rotors - August 2010
OBDII ecu conversion (Will still provide original OBDI ecu)
Apexi SAFC II - 2008
Alkycontrol Progressive Alcohol Injection Kit - 2006
Clutch bypass switch to preserve clutch on startup - 2008

Tein Flex coilovers - December 2011

Notable Maintenance:
Have complete previous owner service information from 45,770 to ~83,000miles
Rear Hatch Lower cushions to stop rattle(common MKIV problem) - December 07
Replaced Antenna Assembly - March 2008
Redone Valve cover gaskets, exhaust valve seals, intake valve seals - April 2008
Titan Crank Pulley and belts - 2008
Replaced clutch - South Bend - Organic Feramic - March 2010

Rear Main Seal - March 2010
Shaved Rear fender wells for wheel/tire clearance - May 2011
Front & Rear Control Arm Bushings - December 2011
Driver Side Seat Belt - July 2013
Rear Wheel bearing/assembly - April 2014

Lance Alignment Spec - April 2014 - 131,074miles -
Michelin Pilot Super Sport: 12/2016
Replaced driver side window motor - Jan 2017
Replaced fan clutch - March 24 2017

Stock Exhaust adapted to single turbo for inspection/emissions - 2014
Extra separate catalytic converter & flanges

Seibon Carbon Fiber Vented Hood with custom rain covers - June 2014
RMM wing w/carbon Fiber Insert - July 2008
Original Veilside sideskirts - April 2010
Original Veilside Rear 1/4 Panels - April 2010
98 style turn signals
Clear front side markers
1998 Head lights with BMW X5 HID’s wired in
SSR SP1 - Rear - 18x10.5 + 43 SL disk - April 2009
SSR SP1 - Front - 18x8.5 + 37 HP disk - April 2009

Interior: Two Tone Leather Seats - March 2008 shift boot - March 2008
Lotek Guage Pod

DEFI link system - wired to the clock circuit
DEFI Boost guage
Innovate LC-1 - wired to the clock circuit, grounded near the ecu
Innovate XD-16 AFR gauge - wired to the clock circuit, , grounded near the ecu

Head Unit - Pumpkin Auto
Boston Acoustics 6.5in Front Speakers, 6.5 rear Rear Speakers
Sound Ordinance B8 PT sub - April 2013

Asking: $55,000

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I've updated the photo album in the first post. It now has ~180 photos, including many more of the engine bay, trunk, and interior

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