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Right hand drive, Authentic JDM Supra, From Japan
Twin Turbo, 6-speed, original. White.

This car is being sold as a show-car for off-road use only. I am in no way saying it is legal to drive anywhere. It doesnt mean it cant be made legal to drive, only that it is currently not. It comes with the Japanese title, a translated title, and de-registration from japan proving it was not stolen and was exported legally. I have the Customs papers declaring it was passed through customs without issue (along with everything else in the container), it even got the little orange customs sticker after inspection.
The motor was never removed.
It has no rust and nothing is wrong with it. I have driven it over 3000 miles since I got it.

the asking price is low, $29,000 obo and Im serious about the obo part.

Its clean with no dents or dings, and pretty much as you see it. the pictures were taken at Orlando Speed World, I took it up there with a bunch of friends and to show it off.

The car can be seen anytime
It is located in South Florida
I have sold cars on Supra Forums before always with the Admins approval and I maintain an honest profile, I encourage you to check my previous posts.


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It has about 70,000Miles I Believe somewhere in the 130,000km on the odometer.

I am very negotiable. I would entertain offers in the mid $20,000's

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Interested in a possible trade

Hey man i was just checking to see if you are interested in a possible trade for your supra I miss my old RHD Integra type-r and would like to know if you would be interested in a trade for my 03 Lexus IS300 turbo supra six speed here are the mods.....

GTE shortblock
Supra Six Speed
TT head gasket
PTE 780cc injectors
Walbro 255
Aeromotive FPR
SRT Stage 2 Turbo kit GT35R
3inch Vibrant exhaust

Greddy profec b
Tec3 EMS

Tein Flex
EBC brake pads
Eibach sways
Stock 17's
SSR GT10 18x8 front
18x9.5 rear

Kaminari lip kit
TRD triple gauge pod
Sparco shift knob
Greddy boost
Greddy egt
aem wideband


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Engine shots?

Mod list?

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Damn it, hold it for 6 more months please.

Nice car man, too bad I'm still a few months from making a legitamite bid for this.
Good luck with the sale.

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