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Hey all...

This is the car Ive wanted for years, I just need to sell it because I need the money to finish my degree and start a business.

1995 M3
-~117k miles
-VIN #: WBSBF9323SEH05546
-White with Black Interior
-LUX Package
-STOCK Execpt for an intake, Im not sure of the brand..came with the car.
-Will be sold with Brand New rear tires, 90% left on front
-All options work Perfectly.

The Good:
-Leather in GREAT condition...The normal side wear is not present.
-Interior in General is Flawless.
-OEM Alarm with Keyless workes
-I have the dealer provided 2nd key for the car.
Approx. 6k miles ago the following was replaced I Have Documentation for All of this:
-Primary Timing Chains
-Timing Chain Tensioners
-Timing cover Gaskets
-Idler Pully
-Timing Cover Gaskets
-Timing Guide Rails
-Front Crankshaft Seal
-Valve Cover Gasket
-Water Pump
-Thermostat Gaskets
-Radiator (OEM)
-Fan Shroud
-Fan Clutch

The Bad:
-I got a noisy VANOS unit, just the usual marble can...Brand new though.
-Belt Squeek (going away slowly)
-Some rock chips/couple of tiny dents (I cant even picture them)
-Small area on hood with clear coat pealing a little...I put a heavy coat of wax on it and it stoped it...can not tell unless you get close.

This is a Great running M3. You would be hard pressed to find another 1995 in the condition and as well cared-for as this one. The miles are nearly all highway as I drive ~50mi to and from work a day. Oil is changed regularly with MB1.

Pictures (More upon request):

Thanks for looking! I want her to go to a good home.

Asking: $13,900

[email protected]
(704) 502-9703


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Looking for a trade? I know you mentioned starting a business and all, but Im looking to sell my Z06 Silver mod/red with Doug Rippie motor package (see classifieds here) and would consider this plus cash

Let me know


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As redicliously tempting as that is...Freekin Nice Vette...

Im sorry, I really need the cash..

Thanks anyway!
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