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1995 NA-t got a new look

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You guys have probably seen my car in the TRIPLE THREAT thread that was here a lil bit ago, well now my NA-t finally got the new wheels put on. Sternwheel wheels from ebay 18x8.5 frog 18x9.5 rear wrapped in Riken Raptor ZR tires 225x40x18 front, and 245x40x18 rears, i know they could be wider, probably a 265 or a 255 but these will have to do for now, and yes im planning on lowering my car, the frong by .5 or 1 inch, but for now it works for me :)

showing my boostlogic love

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looks good! i almost got thoes same wheels!
thanks dude!, i got them cheap as dirt, 620 shipped to my door :) there is a dude on here that said he bought the same wheels in the same width but in 19in for 350 bucks each wheel :)
Oh wow I can get those wheels on craigslist guy getting rid of 19's same width's. You've just convinced me! How are they? Are they light strong wheels? They look really clean, and I like the color it's a little darker than just plain polished rims.
Awesome !!! Grats on getting new shoes for the Supra !

Time to lower it !! 1 inch drop should do the trick !!
They arent bad at all for what i paid for them, feel pretty solid, not really light, maybe just slightly lighter then my stock 16" wheels, but i mean you cant really expect to save a lot of weight with 400 dollar wheels :)

i'll be working on lowering the car in a short while
Looking good man I would love to see it, maybe at the end of the year at the NC meet.
Nice upgrade. You hurt my neck trying to look at the pics though. Take some nice straight ones lower to the ground next time and show off that beast. ;)
Looks good!
When and where is these NC meet? I'll try to make it.
its in december, please make it out to it, one year we had 24 mkiv's that showed up, great great time
So nice! I think the wheels look and fit great. You should try a toothpick at getting the extra wax residue from around your emblem.
NIce setup.NA-T FTW!!!
How's the brakes holding up with that kind of power?
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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