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Car is a 1995 Rennaisance Red Sc300 with a single turbo kit. The car is not in perfect condition, but is in fairly decent shape. Chassis has 163k miles on it, and the motor has around 95k miles.

Mods are:
- Boostlogic 67 p-trim turbo kit
- 2mm greddy headgasket
- HKS super sequential
- vpc/safc
- hks evc5 (with screen)
- zeitronix wideband
- 550cc injectors, and walbro in-tank fuel pump.
- TT front brakes
- TT rims (2 centercaps are missing)
- 3 inch downpipe with custom electronic cutout(switch in cup holder)
- 6 puck clutch, can't remember what brand

- paint for the most part is in pretty decent shape. There are a few dings and rust spots. Car was originally from the northeast from what I was told. Rust spots are on the driver fender near the bottom of the door, and some on roof of car. Shouldn't bee too much to fix it.
- leather on the seats is in fairly good condition for a 10 year old car, and still soft.
- a pillar leather piece is missing( I might be able to find this)
- A/C has no refrigerant in it
- slight oil leak common to most single turbo converted cars.

This leads to the only significant problem with the car. The right rear wheel bearing is dead. It sticks out and binds up a bit. I have a complete wheel hub that can go with the car to replace it, but have not had the time to complete the installation. I started it but had no time to complete it, so reverted it to how it was before. ABS light is on but I have been told that is because of the wheel bearing being out and it is just not aligned with the pick-ups on the axle. Passenger parking break has been removed from car but I still have all the pieces, just didn't have time to put it all back together (needed car in a hurry). I was considering taking it to a shop to have them do it, but if someone is a do-it-yourselfer then you can probably do it. The hub just needs to be replaced. If someone wants to take the hub and the car the way it is, I can knock a little off. I would however not drive the car much with the wheel bearing the way it is now.

I would like to get 13k, but i am open to negotiation.
If anyone has a used sportbike or supersport (not sport tour) they would like to trade + cash for it, I might be very interested.

Pictures can be found here:
I forgot to mention in my post that the car had been keyed twice (not trying to pull a quick one, just forgot about it) Once on the hood and once on the passenger fender

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Guys I can vouch for the owner and the car. Def a good price for what you are getting.
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