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It has come time to unveil the project of my 1995 Toyota Supra 6-speed TT that has been in the works for over 2 years. Only a few details have been released to select individuals who assisted with specific areas of the project, where the majority of the details have been kept under the radar until today.

My search for a Supra began in the fall of 2007, using AutoTrader and other car trader sites to search for the car that met my expectations. After many failed attempts, I found and joined SupraForums in November of 2007. This opened up an abundance of opportunity for finding a Supra for sale, as well as access to all facets of information about the Supra. As luck would have it, I found a Supra early in 2008 loacted in San Antonio, TX, which was listed for sale by "Cursed". In March of 2008, a friend and I flew down to San Antonio to view to Supra first hand to ensure the quality of the car. When we arrived, it was stunning.

At that time, the car was a black/tan TT 6-speed with 32,500 original miles. All original paint and panels were present on the car. The car's only modifications was an RMM 3" downpipe, HKS Super Drager Exhaust and Greddy BCC. After a thorough examination of the car, double checking paint, VIN's, and any other mechanical and aesthetic areas of the Supra, the car passed with flying colors. I purchased this Supra from "Cursed" and had it shipped via enclosed auto transport back to Canada.

It wasn't long after I had the Supra that I began ordering a few small things. I upgraded the car audio components of the car immediately, as the sound qualilty had diminished due to the age of the stock components. I also ordered all of the repair manuals for the 1995 Toyota Supra so I could replace a couple worn components. But it would stop there as I didn't know what direction I should take with the build on the car.

My goals had changed and shifted over the couple of years which I spent researching different horsepower avenues. I initially wanted to build something to the tune of 1000-1100 rwhp. The main influence at the time was the highly acclaimed WOTM their 6-speed rockets. However, I came to realize that a car of this stature would not be the most condusive on the street, not to mention that I am not really near a quality drag strip to run the car to it's fullest potential.

After some thought, I concluded that drag racing the car wasn't where I wanted to go, so I set out to find what the Supra world had to offer if I was to try building an ~855 RWHP (1000 hp @ crank) street Supra. I submerged myself in everything Supra related as possible. Import magazines dating back to 2002, forums, YouTube - you name it, and I had read it or viewed it at one time or another. It wasn't long, until I found a pattern in some of the higher quality Supra creations that seemed to be spawning in Texas. This is when I found Chris Johnson and Performance Motorsports.

At the time, Chris and his business, Performance Motorsports, was teamed up with Boost Logic. They were churning out some of the baddest Supra's in the industry; some to the tune of 1400+ HP and 8 second ET's and getting faster and more powerful by the day. I called to see what they had to offer for a toned down street version of what they build and it wasn't long and things started to take shape.

After countless e-mails and phone calls, Chris and I put a parts list together that looked very promising. However, it was about this time that the members of the Boost Logic and Performance Motorsports team went through a bit of a career transition - Chris going to a Viper shop outside of Austin called American Racing Technology. Chris and I still worked diligantly on putting something together.

For Chris, however, the future held another turn of events a few months later - a re-opening of Performance Motorsports back in Austin, TX, promising a new experience and new opportunity.

Chris and I finally come to agreeance on all of the parts on the list and in April of 2010, a friend and I loaded up the car and trailered it down to Austin from Canada.

Chris and I dedicated countless hours to make everything go as smooth as possible after the car was in his possession. Many late nights and sleepless nights would follow over the next 5 months of the build for both of us. We ran into the regular snags like the never-ending wait on those rare "overnight parts from Japan", parts being discontinued, shipping delays and so on. One learned to take into consideration of the proverb coined by John Steinbach, where "even the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. But all of the undesirable stress and high dollar phone bills would pay off in the end.

August 2010 rolled around and things were just finishing up. Chris and I arranged a completion date and we went from there.

September 17th, 2010: A friend and I just arrived late in the evening in Austin after another grueling 1500 mile one-way drive. We checked into the Four Season's hotel and made sure to get a good night's sleep as we only had 2 days with the car to make sure everything was up to par before we had to head back home. Up to this point, I had only seen a few teaser pictures of different stages of the build, not to mention the car still needed to be tuned.

September 18th, 2010: After a solid night's sleep, we headed to the shop and upon arrival, was blown away by the piece of automotive perfection that rested on the lift in front of me. I couldn't believe it. It was nothing like I remembered. I was very pleased with the workmanship and the attention to detail, but I held all of the emotion in, as we still had to tune the car and anything could happen.

September 19th, 2010: Less than 24 hours now until out departure back to Canada. I was tense. My friend and I arrived at the shop early in the afternoon. *Another 95F day in Austin. I blamed my excessive sweating on that I was still "climatizing to the hot Texas weather".

The tuner, Brian McMahan, was in the driver's seat and on the dyno when we arrived, building the map from scratch. He was tuning on 91 octane pump gas and every run on the dyno just kept getting better and better. He finally stopped on a conservative tune on pump gas. It was now time for a spark plug change and exchanging the 91 octane fuel for a few gallons of C16.

Once again, with Brian McMahan in the driver's seat, he completed a couple pulls, building the map, turning up the boost, followed by letting the car cool down completely.

It was now late in the evening and time only permitted for a few more runs. With Brian still working his magic on his laptop, we made consecutitvely increasing HP runs with a 745 RWHP, 764 RWHP, 793 RWHP, 810 RWHP, 837 RWHP and 844 RWHP, but we still hadn't met my goal of 855 RWHP.

This is it. The last run. Brian goes to 1st gear, 2nd, 3rd, then into 4th. *At the top of 4th gear, the exhaust is screaming at me while I'm recording the dyno run on my camera from outside behind the car.

I go to the dyno monitor and found that we hit 858 RWHP uncorrected 851.64 RWHP SAE @ 31 psi. It was spectacular!! I was very pleased with the tune and what we had achieved that night, knowing that we had reached my goal and that the tune was on the conservative side. And I firmly believe that with a few minor modifications (full 4" exhaust, intake/TB) and using the MAP Sensor to it's fullest potential (35 psi), 900 RWHP is very possible.

The Supra now resides safe and sound back home and couldn't be happier about the build!!


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I want to take this opportunity to thank the many people who made this build a success. If it wasn't for these people, this build would not have been possible.

Chris Johnson @ Performance Motorsports: Chris' knowledge, experience, attention to detail and ability to keep things simple is only the beginning of why I chose him as a the ONLY person to assemble my car. I can't thank you enough for everything you've done with the timeline that I gave you to complete the project. Thanks for everything Chris!

Brian McMahan: Chris had recommended Brian a while back and I had seen some of his work other another Supra. He's a pretty laid back guy, but when it came time for the tuning, it was Game On. Thanks Brian for the awesome tuning.

Geoff Raicer @ Full Race Motorsports: Geoff has been my turbo mentor for the better part of 2 years. His knowledge and products were a big factor in the power and driveability of the car. *Thanks Geoff!

Tommy Banh @ AutoBanh Motorsports: Tommy was my go-to guy for my wheels of choice. Working along side with HRE Wheels, we put together a wheel/tire combination that fit perfectly on my car. Thanks alot Tommy!

Dusty Womack @ MVP Motorsports: Dusty helped me out with a few of those "overnight parts from Japan", not to mention a whole pile of other parts. Thanks for your assitance on the build Dusty!

Sean Joseph and Nero Deliwala @ Titan Motorsports: These guys helped me out with a Paul Walker-truckload of parts as well! Thanks guys!

Jeff Watson and Michael Horne @ Champion Toyota: These two gentlemen took care of all of my OEM needs. The same-day delivery really saved us some time on the build! Thanks Jeff and Mike!

Dave Localio @ HeadGames: Dave took care of all the head work from start to finish. If you have any questions about head work, THIS is the guy to talk to. Thanks Dave for building a sick head for me!

Tony Brock @ Mirror Finish Polishng: Tony handled the polishing for everything you see in the engine bay. Thanks for all the shiny stuff Tony!

Rodney @ Austin's Collision & Bodyworks Inc: Thanks for shooting the single stage on the new front bumper as well as the wet sand and buff on the rest of the body! The body is like black glass!

UpRev Engine Managment Solutions: Their shop is shared with Performance Motorsports and the guys at UpRev allowed us to make use of their dyno all day on Saturday! Thanks very much!

Geoff W., Roland C. and Chris B.: These three very good hometown friends of mine took the time out of their lives to take 3 separate trips down to Texas with me with for the Supra. Geoff W. went with me to San Antonio in March of 2008 to pick up the Supra. Roland C. trailered my car with me down to Austin in April 2010 to drop it off at Performance Motorsports. And Chris B. was my sidekick for the trip in September 2010 to pick up the Supra in modified form. Thanks for the good times fellas!

SupraForums: Thanks to the many SF members out their who shared their advice and knowledge with me over the forum. There are too many of you to count, but you all deserve a big THANK YOU as you all played a roll in where the car ended up today!

I'll move on to the build list, dyno sheet, dyno vids and pictures as I'm sure you've exceeded your quota for reading for today!




HRE 893R with brushed centers, polished lips
19x11 (Rear)
19x9.5 (Front)

Toyo R888 305/30R19 (Rear)
Nitto INVO 265/30R19 (Front)

KW Variant 3 Coilovers
Titan Front and Rear Sway Bars

Front: StopTech 13.1" BBK with silver calipers, slotted rotors, StopTech pads and SS lines
Rear: StopTech OE replacement slotted rotors, Hawk HPS pads, Goodridge SS lines, silver painted OEM calipers
Tilton TSR-1 Brake Fluid


TRD 6-speed LSD
Performance Motorsports custom driveshaft
RPS Triple Disc Carbon Clutch
OEM Getrag V160 Transmission
Titan Motorsports Differential Ear Mounts

Turbocharger/Exhaust Components

Full Race T4 Twin Scroll Dual Wastegate manifold with black jet hot coating
Garrett GTX4294R with polished compressor housing
Garrett 1.28 A/R exhaust housing with black jet hot coating
Twin Tial 44mm MV-R Wastegates with 0.9 BAR Springs
Black jet hot coated wastegate dumptubes
Performance Motorsports 4" downpipe with black jet hot coating
Performance Motorsports 4" midpipe with black jet hot coating
HKS Carbon Ti Exhaust
Graduated 4" coupler to connect mid pipe to HKS Exhaust via v-band


OEM Intake Manifold
OEM Throttle body
Greddy 4-row Intercooler
Tial Q BOV
Koyo Radiator
TRD 160 degree Thermostat
New OEM Fan Shroud
Polished Upper Radiator pipe


CP Pistons 0.020” 8.5:1 CR
Carrillo H-Beam Connecting Rods
Clevite H bearings
ARP Main Studs
Performance Motorsports modified oil pump
ATI Crank Damper
UR Pulleys for power steering, alternator and water pump
Boost Logic Timing Belt Tensioner
MVP Motorsports Upper shock arm
HKS Timing Belt
New OEM Power Steering Pump
New OEM Water Pump
New OEM Oil Pump
TRD Engine Mounts
NGK 4644 Spark Plugs

Headgames fully built head:
HKS 272 Intake and Exhaust Cams
Ferrea dual valve springs
Ferrea stock size valves
Ferrea Titanium Retainers
Ferrea Lockers
Ferrea Keepers
Shimless buckets
ARP 7/16" L19 head studs
OEM Cam Gears

Fuel System

Titan Fuel Rail
ID 1000 Injectors
Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator
Dual Walbro Fuel Pumps
New OEM Toyota Fuel Filter


Bride Stradia Japan seats
Bride Type RO Seat Rails
New OEM black carpet
Alpine 9886 Head Unit
Rockford Fosgate 10” Stage 1 Power series subwoofer
Rockford Fosgate P-500 Amplifier
Kenwood front and rear speakers

Engine Management/Electronics

Haltech Platinum Sport 2000 EMS w/ PnP harness
AEM 3.5 BAR MAP Sensor
AEM AIT Sesnor
Defi Advance CR Control Unit with Oil, Fuel and Boost Pressure Gauges
Blitz SBC-i Color Boost Controller
FJO Wideband with 52mm gauge
TRD 10,000 RPM Tachometer


1998 Style Headlights
1998 Style turn signals
New OEM 1995 front bumper without licence plate holder with single stage OEM paint
Complete wetsand and buffing of original OEM paint on all other panels of the car


TRD Oil Cap
Titek Carbon Fiber Spark Plug Cover
Titek Carbon Fiber Radiator Cooling Plate
Polished Intake Manifold
Polished Throttle Body
Polished Compressor Housing
Polsihed Valve Covers
Polished Power Steering Reservoir
Greddy Radiator Cap

Vid of 837 RWHP dyno run:

Vid of 858 RWHP dyno run:


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Gorgeous car! How do you like the Haltech? I've tuned a few in the Nissan/Z world but haven't gotten to do a Supra with the new Platinum.

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Looks like you are 100% satisfied with everything, and that's really nice by today's standards.

The car looks real sweet, good luck with it !

Hardtop Crew
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Good god!!!!! Thanks for sharing about your gemsicle!!!!!! Alot of time and money into this!! Congrats and thank you for sharing with the supra community

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I've seen my share of MKIV projects and even though there are alot of MKIVs out there making more power, I'm much more impressed in careful and tastefully selected items that have been installed on your MKIV.

I'm particularly interested in more pictures of those Bride Stradia Japan seats. IMO, these are the Ultimate seats and I'm currently saving for a set of them for my own MKIV. Are the type RO seat rails prefered for those seats in the MKIV? Are these seats the standard Stradia Japan or the Low MAX? Thanks in advance.

Buildup and car looks great.


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This is a fantastic thread. Thanks for sharing.
I have a build finishing with a GTX 4294 as well, interested to see how my results will compare to yours.
Beautiful car!

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Gorgeous car! How do you like the Haltech? I've tuned a few in the Nissan/Z world but haven't gotten to do a Supra with the new Platinum.
The Haltech worked out great. The only downfall was that the map had to be made from scratch, since Haltech doesn't have a base map for the 2JZ. Luckily, my tuner had a good idea of what a Supra map should look like so it was reletively easy for him to get a good tune on the car. The hardware part of it was PnP which was great!

I've seen my share of MKIV projects and even though there are alot of MKIVs out there making more power, I'm much more impressed in careful and tastefully selected items that have been installed on your MKIV.

I'm particularly interested in more pictures of those Bride Stradia Japan seats. IMO, these are the Ultimate seats and I'm currently saving for a set of them for my own MKIV. Are the type RO seat rails prefered for those seats in the MKIV? Are these seats the standard Stradia Japan or the Low MAX? Thanks in advance.

Buildup and car looks great.

Thanks for the nice comments.

I will inform you that if you are a bigger guy, these seats are not for you. I'm about 5' 10" and 165 lb and these seats fit me snug, which is fine. Other friends of mine between 180-200 lb have a hell of a time getting in and out of them.

Other than that, the seats are very nice!

I believe the RO rails are the only rails that will work with both the MKIV Supra AND these specific seats. There may be other rails that are available for the MKIV, but the RO only work with these seats. They sit very low in the car, unlike the Sparco equivalent, which is a good thing IMO.

Check out the Bride Japan website for more pics:

This is a fantastic thread. Thanks for sharing.
I have a build finishing with a GTX 4294 as well, interested to see how my results will compare to yours.
Beautiful car!
Thanks for the props! I think you'll enjoy the GTX4294R! Let me know how you make out with your results!

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Thanks for the nice comments everyone. :)


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Very nice... love it all.

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It was pleasure building this car with all the tasteful mods and original foundation. This has to be one of the nicest car I have ever built. As soon as it arrived I couldn't believe what shape it was in. Some cleaning up underneath, wetsanding, polishing, and assembly, this was it.

Some chassis pics:


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Some interior shots:

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