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**Purchase of this car includes ALL stock OEM components that were replaced with modded one's**
Preface: This car was my only method of transportation, never launched, or ran hard due to it's lack of tuning. Never went above 1 bar on the boost gauge.

Turbo: Internally gated Frank2 Turbo rotated housing, with welded elbow and ported exhaust housing.
Intake/Cooling: K&N Filter with RRE turbo inlet pipe, RRE upper I/C pipe, RRE fmic bend, GReddy Type S bov, Big GReddy FMIC,*Fluidyne Radiator.
Drive Train: RRE X Clutch (Roughly 15k on it)
Fuel/Fuel Management: Denso 660's, Wal 190lph fuel pump, APEX'i AFC (First Digital display)
Electronics: APEX'i Turbo Timer, 52mm GReddy EGT and Boost Gauge (Boost gauge needs replacement bulb. Cost is 12 dollars from RRE)
Exhaust: RRE 2.5 to 3" down pipe (Straight through), RS*R 3" exhaust w/ stock cat adaptor.

Stereo: Stock 10 disc CD changer and cd player in front.
Mileage: 110K always oiled with Mobile 1 synthetic, changed every 3k.

Aesthetics: No OEM antenna (broke off), Front windshield has crack, Small hole in floormat.

Other: Fuel gauge is off in reading when the 190 was installed a couple years back. Adjustment can be made to remedy the issue.

8k obo.
buy as is
Pm me if interested.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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