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After 6 months trying to find a built low mileage '98 or Hardtop to buy to avoid modifying either of my two stock Supras, I took a deep breath and there's no looking back. While it is tough modifying such a nice stock Supra, I also own a bone stock '93 Hardtop with 22k miles that will remain untouched.

Goal of this build is to create approximately 700 WHP on E85 with a focus on creating the quickest spool - most area under the dyno curve. Build is being done in Rock Hill by a private party tuner who is on here and selectively takes jobs on. Thanks to Brent (NC_SilverStreak_94) for referring me to Bryan as he does outstanding work and attention to detal!

Below is the build list:

Precision 6265 Billet DBB w/1.0 a/r
SP Long runner T4 race header
SP Quick Spool Valve
SP Hobbs Switch with Switching Valve for Quick Spool Valve
SP Stainless Steel 4" downpipe
SP Stainless Steel 4" midpipe
Precision Wastegate
Wastegate dump tube
4" intake pipe, 4" K&N filter
BoostLogic Turbo Blanket

HKS 264 Degree Cams Intake/Exhaust
GReddy Timing Belt
Custom Dual Feed Fuel System
GReddy 3-Row Front Mount Intercooler
Tial Blow Off Valve
Fluidyne Radiator
phr panel and rad pipe kit
Haltech ems Plug-n-play
Haltech wideband
Haltech boost knob
Haltech boost solenoid
HKS 4" Titanium exhaust
TRD Oil cap
TRD Radiator cap
CF Engine Bay Covers
Polished Intake and T-body
Black Kevlar Braided Steel Lines throughout Engine bay

RPS twin disc carbon with steel flywheel
TRD Limited Slip Differential
C's Short Shifter

TRD Strut Brace
Do-luck rear brace
Hawk Brake Pads
KW Coilovers
TRD Braided Steel Brake Lines
TRD Sway Bars
Powerhouse racing rear control arms (black)

Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel
Stewart Warner 30-0-40 Boost gauge
TTC Dash, Vent & Shifter rings

18” Fikse Wheels current to be changed out for something new
MT ET drags P315/30R18 Rear
Yokohama 265x35x18 Front
Front Lip - Cut on sides and painted white
RMM CF Rear wing - painted white
TRD Gas cap

Black Ceramic Coating of all ic piping
New timing belt, valve stem seals, shifter shaft seal gaskets
Cam seals

HID Headlight Upgrade Kit - Low Beams - 4200K
Kenwood DNX-6960 DVD/Navigation Receiver w/bluetooth
Kenwood CMOS-200 Rear View Camera
Kicker KX700.5 5-Channel Amplifier
Kicker S10 L7 Subs in custom box w/ amp so Targa fits in hatch
Focal Front & Rear Speakers in factory locations
V1 Remote Display flush mounted

Below are photos of the Supra before the build started a couple weeks ago:


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Beautiful car. It must be a treat to have one thats so clean.

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Thanks for the positive comments & Nick--not sure what will be brought to TX next year. Might be the TTG, but hope to be able to bring it.

Went and saw the car today and the turbo is mounted and clutch, TRD LSD and intercooler piping are installed. Waiting for a few last parts to arrive and trying to locate an installer near Rock Hill to build the custom sub/amp box. Shouldn't be too far away from completion.

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DAMN talk about clean that car does not even have dirt or grim behind the headlights or in any of the framing, very nice and clean good luck on your build, big props.
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