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Copied and pasted from the Maxima forums:

I really don't want to let this car go so soon, but I must. I'm looking to get into something newer and I simply can't afford to if I keep this car. You all know that I'm quite picky about my cars and maintain them well, and this car is a prime example of an A32B. I bought this car back in November from .org member Drivin Max who was absolutely religious about the maintenance of the car while it was his. There is virtually NO rust on this car anywhere (except a few tiny spots up front on the radiator support and the same in the back on the rear axle) and the paint is in very good condition. There are two small scuffs on the front bumper near the passenger side front bumper from the previous owner and they aren't noticeable unless you get down low to the ground. I had the wiper arms and rear bumper repainted back in December, so the rear bumper does not match 100%. It is not noticeable in most situations, but under certain conditions you can tell it's different. There were pinstripes on the car when I bought it that I had removed. There are visible lines, but only up close and they're very minor so I feel they could be hidden better with a good detailing, I simply haven't gotten around to it due to the weather. Also, the rear speakers are starting to tear and will need replaced soon enough. Used replacements are very cheap. I also just put a brand new Pioneer DEH-4000UB headunit in the car that has an iPod USB input. I created a custom iPod dock in the ash tray for it, as well, which means you simply pop open the ash tray and sit your iPod in it and go! I will post pics of this soon.

Some additional details about the car are that it currently has about 125k miles on it, is currently up-to-snuff on all the maintenance (I JUST did another oil change and replaced the air filter), and has about 12k miles on the suspension setup from what I understand. For more info, visit my website and check out the page "My New Max".

Also, I have a set of 5.5 gen. wheels that I bought for the car but have not yet gotten tires for. The tires on the factory 16" wheels will need replaced soon enough (but still have some life on them), and I will work with the buyer on their preference for what they want to do for wheels and tires.

Car has the following modifications done to it, mostly done by the previous owner:


-Warpspeed Y-pipe
-Warpspeed cat-back (Dynomax muffler, Borla tip)
-High-flow cat
-Unorthodox lightweight, factory-size crank pulley


-Progress springs w/ Tokico Illumina struts
-Progress rear sway bar
-Otto front strut tower bar
-Courtesy Nissan rear strut tower bar
-J30 front brake calipers
-RTP blank rotors
-Hawk HPS pads


-Black R34-style headlights w/ Infiniti FX projectors, clear lenses ($650 worth of parts and labor!)
-Clear corners
-Red/white tail lights

INTERIOR shift boot (brand new)
-Jensen front speakers
-Eclipse rear speakers
-Pioneer DEH-4000UB headunit ($160 and brand new!) w/ iPod USB input
-Custom ash tray iPod dock (pics soon, created by me)

Included in the sale but not installed on the car is the following:

-Factory brake calipers w/ pads
-ES front bushing replacement set (minor stuff, will update later)
-Aftermarket intake midpipe w/ couplers and clamps
-Urethane shifter bushing
-Custom ground kit (made by previous owner, removed by me)
-Factory headlights w/ bulbs
-Second set of clear corners as well as factory corners if desired
-*More to come, I need to look in the garage*

EDIT: Will do $4500 without 5.5 gen. wheels, headlights, clear corners, RSB, FSTB, headunit/iPod adapter, and "extras." Nothing else can really be removed.

Looking to get $5500 w/ the 5.5 gen. wheels or $5300 without. This is negotiable. This is a very fun car and I encourage you to come test drive it if you're interested. I'm located right in the middle of the state (PA) about an hour from Harrisburg and about 2 to 2.5 hours from either Philly or Pittsburgh.

NOTE: Pictures are not current. New ones will be posted shortly.


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i have a 04 rx8 6 spd for sale, willing to trade +cash on your end? Just a thought :p if your interested i can pm you a link to my ad, let me know! ^.^

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i have a 04 rx8 6 spd for sale, willing to trade +cash on your end? Just a thought :p if your interested i can pm you a link to my ad, let me know! ^.^
I'm actually looking to get into a 350Z (since they're so cheap right now). I'll think about it. PM me the details.
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