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This 1998 Supra Turbo is one of many Supras and other highly modified cars we currently have in our inventory! This one is a RARE 1998 Supra Turbo, 6-Speed, Black/Black Leather, 8,600 Original Miles, Fresh Built Motor & GT42-76 Turbo Producing 1,000 BHP @ 31 lbs/Boost, Fikse Wheels, all matching Vins & Original Paint, Recent Inspection/Compression check performed!

We believe is one of the nicest Supras in the country and one quick look at our web site will demonstrate that we've owned and sold some of the nicest! We have utilized this car for promotional purposes and to advertise our business, which focuses on special interest vehicles of which our feature car has always been the MKIV Supra Turbo. We have reluctantly decided to let this car go. We have received offers as high as $82K for this car at times when we weren't motivated to sell the car and now have this car currently advertised on ebay and have priced the car firm at $69K! We will be very surprised if the car is not snatched up at this price--if not by an enthusiast, by another dealer seeking to relist the car and make a profit.

For more information, contact VIP Imports @ (360) 825-4570 or Daniel at @ (253) 691-1000 on my cell. I will consider trades on this car as we are always seeking new inventory of Supras and other cars.

Below is significant detail on the car, which is also available to be viewed on our web site at:

We have inspected and taken paint meter readings on each panel of this car and have established that the car is all original factory paint. We also had a compression check performed when we purchased the car and by a local Toyota tech. The compression is consistent in every cylinder with what the engine builder set the targeted engine compression at, which is 140-150 in every cylinder. The engine just completed break-in, so these numbers could increase slightly with more miles...

While owning this Supra we have used it for promotional advertising and have never taken it to the track. We entered it into the Hot Import Nights show here in Seattle last summer and were surprised how much attention the car received and even more surprised the car won 1st place for "highest performance vehicle" at the show. With the large number of highly modified exotic cars, Porsches, and other Supras, this was an impressive award for the car to receive.

This Supra offers the best of everything--Only 8,600 Miles, showroom new condition with all original paint, a motor built to handle all the HP the GT42-76 Turbo can generate...

This is the last and most desirable year for the MKIV Supra Turbo: 1998, in one of the most sought after colors, Black with Black Leather and 6-Speed Transmission. We purchased this car from the original owner about a year ago and it has since completed what total over $50K in Modifications: including a built Motor, Head, and Turbo by Wide Open Throttle Motorsports, RPS Carbon/Carbon Clutch, Greddy 4-Row Intercooler, Fikse 18" Wheels, Tein Coilover Suspension, AEM Engine Management, complete custom WOTM 5" exhaust, and much more.

The break in of the new motor was just completed and the car was conservatively dyno tuned and made 880 Rear Wheel HP at 31lbs of boost (this is over 1000HP at the flywheel). The engine and turbo are capable of 40lbs of boost and approximately 1100 Wheel HP!

Below are scanned images of the only dyno sheet that was kept showing 860 Rear Wheel Horsepower at 31 lbs of boost. At the same dyno session the car made 880 wheel HP at the same boost level, which is at the initial tune and dyno session and the only time the car has ever been on a dyno'd with the built motor:

This Supra is the ultimate sleeper as it appears stock on the exterior and interior, with the exception of the 18" Fikse wheels and the custom built 5" exhaust. The interior is completely stock with no gauges or modifications of any kind, except the FJO LED.

In preparation for the HIN Show I personally color sanded and buffed each panel, which took 4 days to complete. The result is a finish that is mirrored black, and almost looks wet without any swirls or surface scraches. Several customers have commented that the paint looks better than you see on a brand new car.

Below is the complete list of performance upgrades, with one note: the picture of the rear hatch shows a carbon fiber strut brace, which has been removed and a brand new rear carpet installed to eliminate the holes in the carpet that were cut to accommodate the brace.:


WOTM Built Motor including:

Stock Block and Crankshaft

Carillo H-Beam Rods

JE Pistons

Upgraded Rings and Wrist Pins

ARP ½” Cylinder Head Studs

Built/ported head w/Ferrea valve train

Unorthodox Racing crank pulley

Unorthodox Racing cam gears

AEM Custom 5” Intake


Precision GT42-76 Turbo kit

Boost Logic exhaust manifold

Greddy 4-row fmic

Tial 44mm Wastegate

Polished Tial 50mm bov

Manual boost controller w/stainless lines


WOTM 5” Down-pipe

WOTM 5” Mid-pipe

WOTM 5” polished catback

Thermal wrapped exhaust coating


WOTM complete fuel system, including:

Twin Walbro Pumps

Billet Aluminum Fuel Rail

1000cc Injectors


AEM engine management system

AEM 5 bar map sensor

FJO wideband 02

HKS Twin Power Ignition


RPS CARBON/CARBON Clutch, Pressure plate, and Flywheel

Short throw shifter from '93-95 Model Supra


TEIN Flex coilover suspension

WOTM "Big Ass" Sway Bars


Fikse Profil 5S Racing Wheels: 18” x 10.5” 10.5 Rear and 18” x 9.5” Front

Yokahama AVS Sport Tires: 295x30x18 Rear and 265x35x18 Front

At the bottom of this Ad are over 50 high resolution photos of the car in a variety of settings and light to demonstrate how flawless the black paint is on this car--this car has a shine that is mirrored and free of surface scratches unlike many black cars you will ever come across! We have also included pictures of the underside of the car in our shop on the lift.

Here are a few pictures, there are over 50 pictures available on our web site!


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