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1jz coolant line diagram

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Hey, wondering if anyone could point me to a reference that gives all of the 1jz-gte engine coolant hose routes. We have a engine coolant line behind the engine that we are not sure where to run it.

While we're at it, any vacuum hose diagrams? Finding information for this car is very hard.

Thanks in advance...
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Thanks, I was looking at that but can't really make sense of it. I was wondering if there was a separatae diagram with the engine coolant hoses highlighted and showing exactly where each hose runs. Specificaly we are looking for where the coolant line runs right behind the engine next to the firewall... it comes off the block and it must go somewhere!!! but where?

do you mean that nipple coming off the driver's side on the head near the block towards the rear? i THINK that goes into the heater core....

nipple at the front of the head on the driver's side is a tad smaller, that should go into the intake manifold...there's a same or similar diameter nipple coming out of the front of the intake manifold underneat the intake pipe.

hope that helps a bit...

Thanks for the help.. We have it figured out. The coolant line runs from the turbo side all the way around the block, and splits into a y and one end goes to the oil filter the other we ran a hose to the throttle body and this seems to be the correct path for it.

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