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Hey all,
I asked over at the jza70 boards too, but I figured I might get a quicker general response here so here goes:

So the 1jz is in and it cranks starts and revs to redline with a few

1) the idle will pulse between 1200-1800rpm or so (i'm assuming it's high because of the cold start) and occaisionally bog down to around 700rpm or lower. 50% of the time the engine will manage to go back up to the 1200-1800rpm range, 50% of the time the engine will stall.

2) this might be related to the idle, but the engine will miss occaisionally. it'll be idling pretty strongly at the 1200-1800rpm range with no misses, then all the sudden, there are misses all over the place, the engine bogs, and when the engine manages to go back up to about 1500rpm, the missing stops for a short period of time....repeat over and over.

3) check engine light will NOT come on when the key is in the "on" position. i tried checking the W signal for the light while the key is in the "on" position and it'll have 12V sometimes, sometimes it won't, but even with the 12V coming off the grey-green wire, the light will never come on

4) the engine is running pig rich...i can smell the gasoline fumes coming into the cabin :/ it seems like it's running on base maps from what a friend told me. i'm guessing O2 sensor or something like that, but as the check engine light isn't working, i can't pinpoint anything

5) radiator drain plug...i've tried going through about 15 different sizes and stuff but NONE of them will work. they won't fit or they're snug but leak like a mofo on the stock radiator...will a 7m radiator plug from toyota work?

i need help on these things asap...this stuff is driving me nuts as
i'm so close to being finished :/

thanks for your time!


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Sounds like you have some wires crossed up that are grounding out your wiring. Call me or any of the functioning Supra swaps on the list and see what can be done about it.

Orin B Sr

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1jz swap strikes again...

who made your harness?

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try burping the coolant system, air pockets will make the idle fluctuate.

disconnect the o2 and see if the rich condition goes away. also the map sensor may be dead, happened on mine. causes a seriously rich condition.
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