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1jz drift....

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so i was at a drift event and doing way good, went around the track 3 times i was heavy on the gas.... i spun out and the car turned off i started it back up, was gonna go around the track and i noticed the car wasnt acting normal when i have it gas and got to 4000 rpm the car wouldnt go anymore it just chugged..... i dont know if i did something to the turbos or if the fuel filter was plugged?? when its in neutral i rev it the boost reads 11 pounds.... and where is the fuel filter on the 1jz? or is by the supra gas tank?
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i dunno thats odd

the fuel filter is inbetween the gastank and the diff. a real tight spot but not bad.

i dont see how the fuel filter would just clog up like that unless from sloshing around the gas it just shook something loose and then got caught in there.

i dunno
where you at the drift event in phoenix?
no i was in the drift event in utah.

but um i just finished switching out the filter.... same problem.... now i think its my turbos.... the car is running really rich also. i did check the spark plugs and coil packs, they all seem to work fine, the plugs were just covered in carbon (black)... maybe my injectors.??
so i found out when i rev the engine up to 11boost in neutral on the boost gauge the car starts sounding like its out of gas, feels like a rev limter but i dont have one. what are the symptoms of the turbos going out? or at least one?
I'm going to go with the ECU has a problem. The injector drivers in the 1JZ ECU's are faulty and will cause the injectors to lock open. Since the injectors are batch fire on these like the 7M's, it actually locks two injectors open on paired cylinders. This can been seen with a mulimeter by testing the current at the injector clips. Two of them should be seeing a constant 12v signal without pulsing.

map sensor, lost its vacume source?
check vacums first. anyone could have popped from you being on the throttle. Have you zip tied any of the vacum lines? This may be a good time to o so.

Also check your IC piping.
Sounds like the ECU to me.
Boost leaks wont cause the car to bog, it's map tuned, remember? Get a volt meter and test the injector signals. If that's not the problem, go from there. It's a good start for diagnostics. Then check the map sensor.

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