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My boss set me on fire!?!
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Well I am in the middle of doing the Wiring harness for a MA70 body 1jz swap. I used the wiring diagram from site. BTW AWESOME WIRING DIAGRAM. Although I am done with it I have some wires left over not hooked up. Some are listed as not used but some are not. They were displaced when a wire had to go to a specific spot.

I have installed the JDM tach, and I am going to install the USDM Oil pressure sender as per the diagram.

I have swapped the top of the ac compressor.
I know about the Throttle cable
I know about the PS pump line

When I bolt this in what else do I need. The harness is extended, and the body plugs are wired like the diagram said. I know I need to extend the Alternator wiring. I am not sure what to do for A/C wiring.

I plan on installing the motor on Sunday. Any tips from what I told you that I might be forgetting.


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